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What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is an all-in-one project management and workflow automation tool. It helps teams and businesses create their own customised workflow to manage tasks and projects.

Smartsheet also allows for team collaboration, streamlined approval processes and multiple dashboards to view and manage data all in one place.

Best Features of Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a project management application for workflows, here's some best features.

  • Automated workflows to speed up processes and reduce errors.
  • Team collaboration with comments, approvals and sharing.
  • Create custom forms to collect data to use within dashboards and reports.
  • Integrate other productivity tools you already use.

Who Uses Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is used by a range of different businesses and professionals to create an optimised workflow to speed up time and organise projects collectively. Smartsheet is an affordable app depending on the amount of team members, and easy to get started with.

Multiple Views

Smartsheet allows team members to use different views such as Gantt and calendar to manage workflows.

Optimised Templates

Smartsheet allows you to create your own no-code app or use their pre-built optimised workflows.

Entire Workflow

With Smartsheet you can manage your entire project and team with documents, collaboration, views and more.

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Smartsheet Project Management Questions

How does collaboration work with Smartsheet?

You can collaborate with your team by sharing documents, commenting and working together on sheets in real time.

Can you create automated workflows in Smartsheet?

Yes, you can create automated workflows triggered by different actions. This could be alerts, approval requests and more.

Does Smartsheet work for remote teams?

Yes, remote teams can use Smartsheet to automate workflows and manage projects, they can also communicate and collaborate inside the app.

Can I integrate existing productivity tools to Smartsheet?

Yes, Smartsheet allows you to integrate other tools you use to help automate workflows and manage projects across your team.

Do I need to understand any coding to create a workflow in Smartsheet?

No, you can customise and create your own workspace to suit your business needs, or use pre-built templates to save time.

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