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GanttPRO focuses on making Gantt chart software to help teams better manage the flow of their work in a timeline view. Here's our in-depth review on GanttPRO:

GanttPRO - open task view

What is GanttPRO?

GanttPRO is a gantt chart software for teams with lists, boards & workload management.

From the title, you know what GanttPRO does. Gantt charts. But much like TeamGantt it does offer a more flowing system that resembles a project management software allowing you to add lists, boards & manage workloads too. At heart, GanttPRO offers all of this plus a solid gantt chart experience for managing timelines, dependencies, and classic gantt chart dials like baseline, critical path and more.

GanttPRO has a good interface and you can add tasks, milestones and details to each of your tasks including progress so you can track that. Management of the actual gantt is each to do and you can move things around to your liking.

GanttPRO allows you to set roles, see where your team members' time is best being used, and the most efficient way to complete tasks can be calculated, all within one space. With reports and the time logs too, you can get better insights into how time is spent.

GanttPRO Best Features

GanttPRO Workload Management for Loading Employees

So GanttPRO is locked under a paid premium so these features are differing per plan, but you can check out the overall plans below and which one you like.

  • Gantt Chart Management - the bread and butter for GanttPRO allowing you to manage timelines and go detailed into the few weeks or months ahead.
  • Board & List Views - these are probably the most common project management views in GanttPRO and you won't find calendar view that you'd see in other tools. This isn't as good as a fully fledged project management software, but does gantt well.
  • Workflow Management - Collaborating on how much time people spend will help you to better manage the gantt going ahead and how many hours are being worked.
  • Timelogs & Reports - The same goes with time logs, reports and breakdowns help to see how you're working on certain projects inside of GanttPRO.

Project Management Views

GanttPRO for Managing Projects - Boards

As mentioned above, there is a way to extend your GanttPRO experience by using the two additional views that we traditionally see in other project management softwares.

  • List view - a simple list management system that allows you to breakdown who, what and when tasks are being actioned, great for managers.
  • Board view - a Kanban look at your work allowing you to see the full Kanban board and move things in place. You can use simple filtering and status management too.
  • Workloads - this is a view to help see where and what people have on their plate, maybe even unblock them as a manager working on taking roadblocks out the way.

As a whole this project management experience wasn't incredible compared to others but offers a more approachable price range than some other specialist gantt charts that also offer similar project management software on the side too.

GanttPRO Pricing

There is no free plan with GanttPRO, unlike TeamGantt that offers an unlimited free plan for their sole gantt chart experience, GanttPRO only gives you 14-days free as a trial.

Gantt Chart Pricing for GanttPRO

How much does GanttPRO cost?

$7.99 per month with plans for more feature from $15.99 per month, up to 5 users.

GanttPRO Verdict

GanttPRO is one of the better gantt chart experiences out there with a quality way to manage timelines and use more specialist gantt features to do that.

If you're in the market for a project management software that does gantt charts about 70-80% well then we're not sure GanttPRO is the best one for you, as their project management experience isn't revolutionary, but it does offer a great specialist gantt experience for a decent price.

The project management add-ons like lists, boards and workloads are by no means bad, they just aren't as punchy as other tools on the market.

Best GanttPRO Alternatives

GanttPRO alternatives include the likes of TeamGantt, ClickUp & Asana.

We'd recommend the following GanttPRO alternatives to explore:

  • ClickUp - if you want a project management software with timeline view
  • Asana - a timeline view (locked under premium) but good all-rounder for projects.

If you're looking for a gantt chart experience only that is free, TeamGantt has a good one.

Planning using GanttPRO

GanttPRO comes with a bunch of features that can be extended to project management and is a nice upgrade from tools like Microsoft Excel which might require lots of training courses to learn Excel - GanttPRO is much more approachable for creating gantts.

Here's an in-depth exploration that our friends at Simpletivity offer:

GanttPRO Availability

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Learn More About Gantt Pro

GanttPRO for Project Management

Can I use GanttPRO for different sized projects?

Yes, GanttPRO allows you to manage small individual projects to larger projects for teams.

How can I use GanttPRO for tracking projects?

Use the progress tracking features and team member workload updates to see where time is being spent, and what tasks are being completed.

Can GanttPRO help if a project goes off track?

Yes, Critical Path will show you if something is wrong, it will also help you along the best path to complete the project.

Can you use other views in GanttPRO?

Yes, you can switch to a board view, and another view called a time log, both provide different workflows and spaces to manage projects.

Can GanttPRO use automation?

Yes, you can use the GanttPRO chart generator to calculate tasks and project costs to create a plan for completing projects.