Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management

Best Free Gantt Chart Software

We have gathered some of the best Gantt Chart software to assist with project management, managing teams, time tracking and end goals for all tasks.

Gantt charts are used in project management to help managers and teams see the overall progress and status of their projects and individual tasks. You can also see who is working on what, how long each task is going to take, and which tasks overlap.

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Best 7 Gantt Chart Software for Project Management

Here's a list of the best free Gantt Chart software you can use to manage projects.

  • GanttPRO - Best Gantt Chart software for a specialised focus.
  • TeamGantt - Free online Gantt Chart maker, also specialised.
  • Wrike - A classic way to view your gantt charts in a all-round marketing PM tool.
  • - For an all-round project management with Gantt Charts.
  • Asana - Gantt Chart builder built in for overviewing projects and tasks.
  • ClickUp - All-in-one project management app with Gantt Chart.
  • Microsoft Excel - Free and flexible use of charts within Microsoft.

Some of the tools and software listed are specialised for Gantt charts, others allow you to build and use Gantt charts inside their existing software.

1. GanttPRO: Specialist Gantt Chart Software

What is GanttPro?

With a name like GanttPRO, you're onto a winner for gantt charts.

GanttPRO offers a good gantt chart experience with specialist features like baseline, critical path and all the traditional tools you need like dependencies, tasks, milestones and a good set of zoom in views for managing it.

GanttPRO - open task view

GanttPRO also offers a host of project management experiences too - like board, list and workload management. This can help your team extend beyond the gantt chart format and express projects in a more approachable manner.

Create different workspaces for each project and team to manage time, tasks, events, dependencies and more all in one space. You can also share your Gantt Chart with others and use the software independently.

Gantt Pro Best Features for Gantt Charts

Since GanttPro is a specialised Gantt Chart tool, it has many efficient Gantt features.

Gantt Chart view in GanttPRO
  • Gantt Charts for each project to manage teams and separate tasks.
  • Drag and drop to move tasks around the chart to better manage time.
  • Share Gantt Charts with others, use them independently, or use them with teams.

Of course, GanttPro also offers other project management tools and different views to help you manage tasks and project with lists, boards and workloads.

2. TeamGantt: Best Generalist Pro Tool

What is TeamGantt?

TeamGantt is another specialised Gantt Chart software for managing teams and tasks. It's a plan-first work management platform which creates a visual timeline for managing your team's workflow and projects all in one place.

Team Gantt is easy to get started with and has a very clean and simple interface, so if you are new to Gantt Charts, it won't feel so overwhelming. You can easily drag and drop tasks to rearrange schedules and use other views if you want to change things up.

Overall you can create a centralised workspace for your projects and store anything else you need to manage projects with your team. You can also use the mobile app to access tasks on the go and so can your team. TeamGantt also has a built-in resource management software and you can collaborate with others to work together.

Use different views inside Team Gantt for project management.

TeamGantt Best Features for Gantt Charts

TeamGantt is a super easy Gantt Chart tool to use. Here are some of its key features.

  • TeamGantt fits in with your team's workflow by adding another element to manage tasks.
  • Drag and drop to schedule tasks and rearrange the Gantt Chart.
  • Use the mobile app to access the Gantt chart on the go, same for team members.
  • See any delays or issues within the project and manage accordingly.

TeamGantt also allows you to change the views to Kanban, board and more to help manage projects.

3. Wrike: Classic Gantt Chart Tucked Away

Wrike is a project management software that offers a powerhouse of features for more all-round projects and resource management. Most people would be looking at Wrike if they don't want something specialist and need something well suited to most situations.

Wrike has a classic gantt chart view all tucked away in their premium pricing which offers a great, traditional take on the gantt chart management. With dependencies and all the classic gantt features like expand, filters and updating of the timeline view.

Wrike Gantt Chart Feature Example

Many people will flock to something like Wrike for the marketing abilities like file proofing which is a hit with the marketing and sales teams looking for project management tools, but Wrike hides this away nicely allowing much more gantt view optionality.

The shame is that the gantt ability is locked under the premium plan which means technically it is not a free gantt chart but one that you can consider in your line up.

Looking to explore Wrike further, we've got a great Wrike review here.

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4. All Round Project Management

What is is a full project management application where you can build a workflow to suit your business and team's needs, this includes Gantt Charts and other views. You can also use on mobile to manage projects and teams on the go.

You can centralise everything you need for your team with the work OS, meaning it's the only app you'll need to manage your projects from start to finish. Collaborate with teams, send notifications and use customisable dashboards with

Overall, is a centralised place for project management where you can customise your own workflow and dashboard, especially with he use of boards and Gantt Charts. Gantt Chart view for project management. Best Features for Gantt Charts

Here's how you can use Gantt Charts with for project management.

  • Visualise important dates and milestones in one space to manage projects.
  • Import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel to turn into a Gantt Chart.
  • Gantt Charts work throughout to help teams stay on track.
  • See all tasks, delays, where team members are spending their time and any issues. is a very extensive project management tool with lots of other features and abilities for managing tasks, different views and teams.

5. Asana: Gantt/Timeline Builder

What is Asana?

Asana is another project management platform that allows you to track goals, reports, time and how well, or not well tasks are doing. You can also use many different views inside Asana including Gantt Charts.

It's also a very beautiful app with really aesthetically pleasing interfaces. Asana brings a calmer vibe to your workspace where you can see all tasks, team, time and information. Asana provides an all-in-one experience to automate workflows, streamline reports, collaborate and manage risks.

So, Asana is essentially another platform for managing teams and projects with the use of many views including the timeline Gantt Chart view.

Asana Timeline View for Campaign Launch, Dependencies.

Asana Best Features for Gantt Charts

Asana allows you to build a timeline Gantt chart to see any overlaps and time spent. Here are some of the best features for Gantt in Asana.

  • Click and drag to adjust tasks inside the Gantt Chart, especially if there's an issue.
  • Send and Share Gantt Charts with others to give overviews of project progress.
  • Built a workflow for you and your team to see an overall view of a project.
  • Import spreadsheets to turn into timeline Gantt Charts.

Overall Asana is a place for managing projects and any delays or issues that may occur with its many features and different available views.

6. ClickUp: Visual Planning Functions

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is an all-in-one experience for managing teams and projects, its the only tool you would need for an all round workflow system from start to finish. You can also integrate other tools with ClickUp and set up automation to speed up processes.

Chat with your team in ClickUp, set goals and achievements to work towards and create plans on how to reach them, all whilst using a range of views inside the workflow to manage projects, including Gantt Charts.

You can also create documents for the team to access and manage knowledge, this is helpful with onboarding, or to create processes team members can access time and time again.

ClickUp Gantt Chart for timelines and managing projects.

ClickUp Best Features for Gantt Charts

One of the views you can use in ClickUp is Gantt, heres some reasons to consider:

  • Gantt provides a deeper insight into how the project is going and flowing.
  • See multiple projects side by side to manage team members and time.
  • Move tasks, reschedule, and add dependencies all in one place thanks to the overview.
  • Add priorities to tasks and include team members to make sure you stay on track.

You can also use calendar, list and board views to manage teams and projects in ClickUp.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Did you know you can also present your data as a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel? If you are ever stuck with learning with Microsoft Excel because it can be quite an intense and confusing platform, check out Miss Excel from TikTok for all her helpful videos.

Anyway, you can create and store data in a Gantt Chart in Excel. There isn't a set Gantt Chart tool, however you can create one with tables. Just select the data you want to import into a table and customise the layout of the table to look like a Gantt Chart by using a 'Stacked Bar Chart".

You can learn more about how to create a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel here.

Microsoft Excel used for a Gantt Chart to manage tasks, events and projects.

Microsoft Excel Best Features for Gantt Charts

Since Microsoft Excel isn't built for Gantt Charts, you can still make use of a customised bar chart to act like a Gantt Chart.

  • Microsoft 365 subscriptions offer Gantt Chart templates for Microsoft.
  • Track the progress of your projects using a well-established tool.
  • A way to change how you view information is by turning it into a visual chart.
  • Print, download and share your Microsoft Excel Gantt Chart or add it to Microsoft Loop.

Overall, Microsoft Excel can be used to manage data, numbers and more, using it as a Gantt Chart is just another great tool or skill to have.

What is Gantt Chart Software?

By using a Gantt Chart you can remove any issues before they occur and make sure your team is well spread out and optimised across the board. You can also get a good idea of when a project will end, so you can work with clients, and provide an end date.

To simplify, a Gantt Chart shows all tasks and events displayed against time, in a timeline view with bars for each task or event. On the left of the Gantt Chart, you should see all tasks and activities, and along the top, you can see time frames.

You receive a glance at an entire project including all tasks, each task's start and end time, how long each task will take, when tasks overlap or issues may occur and a finish time for the whole project.

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