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TeamGantt Review

This review will focus on the gantt chart software experience inside of TeamGantt for managing a project and getting a team collaborating in a main base for their timeline.

What is TeamGantt and who's it for?

TeamGantt is an online Gantt chart maker for teams to use to manage their timelines and progression through a project.

Managing Filters in TeamGantt Gantt View

TeamGantt offers their gantt chart ability as free for all users and locks their more premium project management software behind a paywall that includes lists, boards, calendar, workload management and lots more. A lot of people like to manage their gantt chart and then express it in different project management views and TeamGantt can do this.

Here's our thoughts on the features of TeamGantt.

TeamGantt Features

Here are some key features of TeamGantt, an online Gantt chart-making application.

  • Free Gantt Chart - for all users there is a free gantt chart experience that TeamGantt use as their loss leader to get you into the full project management experience locked under a pro account, but it works great and manages your gantt process.
  • Filters & Views - within the free gantt charts you can use a range of filters to break down days and timelines, assignees and even colour coded setup for the more visual. This is a great way to break into the data you've organized inside of TeamGantt.
Managing Sub Tasks in Gantt Chart, TeamGantt
  • Dependencies & Timelines - you can use these to better align your timeline, add dependencies, tasks, groups of tasks and even milestones to add clarity to your progression. Inside here you can add detail to each task like progress, dates, sub-checklists, files and comments too.
  • Comments & Discussions - this is perfect for team collaboration and helps to clarify the discussions per task in TeamGantt making it more granular.

Verdict: Who is TeamGantt Best For?

TeamGantt wants to be your free gantt chart but so much more. Packing away a project management software in there will allow your team to fully extend their reach for managing gantt charts turning them into lists, boards, calendars and much more.

Managing Tasks in Gantt Chart, TeamGantt

This is best for teams that visually plan and want to begin to trial the experience before committing. From our tests, we were impressed by the experience for managing gantt charts and the customisation you got on the free plan for this. Not bad!

TeamGantt Pricing

Subject to change naturally, TeamGantt has a pro pricing giving your team access to the whole project management experience.

  • That is $59.99 per manager - a manager gets 20 projects and the definition of a manager and collaborator is pretty much that a manager controls, collaborators update details and not the project as a whole.
  • There is a lower rung and higher rung pricing too - starting from $24.99 per month.

TeamGantt Alternatives

GanttPro is one of the more direct competitors to the TeamGantt experience.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts can be tricky to develop, with Team Gantt have a personalise Gantt chart made for you.

Free for Personal Use

Create and use Gantt charts created by Team Gantt for free, you have to pay if you're managing a team.

Project Management Layer

Quickly get started on managing projects visually with Team Gantt, you can also use different views inside the app to manage projects and tasks.

TeamGantt for Project Management

We're working on a full in-depth look at project management experience in TeamGantt.

Learn More About TeamGantt

Answering Questions About TeamGantt

Can I integrate TeamGantt with other tools?

Yes, you can integrate other tools into TeamGantt such as Google Calendar, Trello and Slack.

Is TeamGantt Free?

TeamGantt offers free Gantt chart creation for personal use, you will have to pay to collaborate with a team.

Can can I make a Gantt Chart?

With TeamGantt you can add in your tasks and lists and allow the app to create a workspace for you.

Can I use different views other than Gantt?

Yes, you can also use calendar, timeline and list views inside TeamGantt.

Is Team Gantt easy to use?

Yes, TeamGantt has a clean and simple interface making it easy to navigate and begin managing projects.

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