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SmartSuite Review

SmartSuite is like if Airtable and had a baby. It offers a flexible way to handle your projects that can be crafted to your liking for better project management.

Dashboard Management inside SmartSuite

What is SmartSuite?

SmartSuite is a project management software that wants to be the homepage for you and your team. It offers a range of templates and setups for your team to jump in and start building their own workspaces for project management.

A lot of people say that SmartSuite is a combination of the flexible nature of Airtable but with the power of and wants to be your "all-in-one" hub for managing everything project management.

Inside of SmartSuite, teams tend to like the way it handle expressing information - like projects, tasks, and data in a wide variety of views that allow teams to better make decisions and actions on what matters.

SmartSuite Features

Here's what SmartSuite offers a range of tools for project management:

SmartSuite Task View
  • Views - one of the best features is views in SmartSuite. Card, grid, kanban, timeline, maps and charts offer a way to express your records in a much better way.
  • Workflows - together in one place, from the planning process to execution.
  • Collaborate with the team in messages, and emails and see activity streams.
  • Records - everything in SmartSuite is a record meaning you have unlimited solutions but have to think about how many records you are using.
  • SmartSuite AI for writing and creating content, emails, brainstorms and more.

SmartSuite Pricing

Traditional in nature to project management, SmartSuite sits perfectly in the window of $8 - $12 per month, however, it does differ by offering per record pricing. For each solution, you are limited for how many records you can use. Make note of this.

SmartSuite Pricing - Plans

SmartSuite Verdict

SmartSuite is used by teams who need a place to manage all their workflows in one place, including abilities to track progress and create reports, this could be any kind of team, big or small, marketing to HR departments.

Kanban View in SmartSuite

SmartSuite Alternatives

There's plenty of project management tools, but here are some SmartSuite alternatives:

  • Airtable - offering powerful integrations and a solid templates store
  • - similar in nature, without the records and solution limits

One Platform

Smartsuite has everything you need in one platform to manage tasks, teams and projects.

AI Abilities

Smartsuite uses AI to help any business create content, brainstorms, summaries and more.


Smartsuite also uses automation to help save time on repeated tasks and updating statuses.

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Answering Questions For SmartSuite

Can you collaborate with SmartSuite?

Yes, you can collaborate in a few ways using SmartSuite, this includes through messages, email conversations and comments.

Is SmartSuite suitable for any kind of team?

SmartSuite allows you to create and connect workflows that work for you and your team or business, so yes, you can use this app as any team with any need when it comes to managing tasks and projects.

Can you integrate other tools to SmartSuite?

Yes, you can add other productivity tools to SmartSuite to enhance your workflow.

Can you import data to SmartSuite?

Yes, you can import any existing data from spreadsheets or apps into SmartSuite.

Is SmartSuite easy to use?

SmartSuite might take some getting used to but the interface as a whole is easy to navigate and learn.

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