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Nozbe is a project management tool that is easy to use, free to use and available on every device. It has a really simple interface making it a good place to start when it comes to managing people, projects, tasks and personal life.

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Nozbe has a range of different views such as upcoming for all tasks you need to get done, an activity log to see what the team is doing and a chat for talking with your team.

What is Nozbe?

Nozbe is a project management tool, but it's not like most with tons of confusing and in-depth features. Instead, Nozbe has a simpler interface and an easier way to navigate around the app on any device you sync with.

Overall, Nozbe is a simple task management app where you can also work with your team. You can manage your tasks, and projects and even leave comments to add further depth and communication.

You can create spaces for each project, however, you will have to upgrade if you want to create more than three spaces. Inside each space, you can create tasks, and projects and collaborate with your team or just share the space with others.

Managing Projects in Nozbe

Best Features of Nozbe

Here are some of Nozbe's best features for task and project management.

1. Projects and Tasks

Manage both work and personal projects and tasks in one place, quickly add tasks to your list, assign others, add notes and much more. Nozbe makes it easy to create projects for anything you need, from a smaller goal you want to hit, to a whole marketing plan.

From each project you can then create smaller tasks, this helps break down the project into manageable steps for you and your team to work through. Each task can be given different priorities and you can chat within tasks to share files and feedback.

Then, inside Activities, you can see what your team is doing and stay up to date with everything that is going on with projects and tasks. Keep in mind that projects and tasks are held within their own spaces, you will have to upgrade to unlock more spaces.

2. Reminders

Set reminders inside Nozbe to never forget a thing, you can also see all your upcoming tasks in one view to make sure you prioritise your tasks. Reminders will pop up on the Nozbe app to alert you of any changes or when you have been delegated to a task.

Having reminders turned on helps teams stay on track and up to date with the highest-priority tasks. Reminders can pop up on the mobile app and desktop. From here you can then go in and add more notes to a task and chat about the task in the app.

Nozbe iPad

3. Organised chat

Chat with your team in one space making it easy to discuss projects and tasks. You can then further organise your chat for each project. The ability to chat inside Nozbe is super useful as it replaces the need for other tools such as email, Slack and other messaging apps.

When a task is delegated, you and that team member can share files in chat, create smaller tasks within the chat and tag others, basically like a base for all communication around that task so everything is in one place.

The Downside of Nozbe?

Nozbe is great because it's free and simple to use, however...

Limited Free Plan With 3 projects on Nozbe free - that's all you'll get. Enough to get the ball rolling but limited compared to tools like Todoist, if you use it as a tasks app.

Nozbe Pricing

Let's take a look at the different Nozbe pricing packages.

How Much Does Nozbe Cost?

Nozbe has three different pricing packages, including free! Keep in mind that the prices depend on the amount of users you want in your team.

  • Free - Free for up to three users and three active projects and one free workspace.
  • Premium - $8 - Get unlimited projects, tasks and comments.
  • Business - $12 - Have access to all features and unlimited workspaces.

Nozbe Verdict

We think Nozbe is a great tool for easily managing tasks on different devices. It's a super easy way to manage tasks on the go using the mobile app too. Nozbe is a good app for beginners to use when it comes to organising tasks with teams.

So, if you are looking to test out your project management skills, Nozbe might be a good place to start to gather a feel for delegating tasks and chatting in one app with your team.

Who is Nozbe For?

Nozbe can be for anyone to use since it's free, individuals can use this to manage personal projects or manage a smaller team, if your team is growing you can upgrade to continue managing your projects with more capacity.

It's a good place to get started with learning how to manage projects and tasks, especially because it is free, so simple and very easy to get along with.

Best Nozbe Alternatives

Not sure about Nozbe? Here are some other project management alternatives.

  • Trello - Trello is a super easy task management tool, it uses board views and workspaces to manage tasks and projects with teams.
  • XTiles - This is another visual project management space that is easy to use by yourself or with your team.


Get organised with Nozbe by managing tasks for life and work in one place with your upcoming view.


Add comments, assign tasks and chat with your team inside Nozbe.


Unlike other in-depth project management tools, Nozbe is easy to get started with, with a simple interface.

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