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Quire Review (2024)

Is Quire worth it for your team?

Quire is a task and project management tool perfect for teams to navigate around a seamless interface to work on tasks and grow their business.

What is Quire?

Quire is a project management software designed to help keep you all in one place.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

It's tailored for smaller teams aiming to manage complex workflows with traditional project management software capabilities. Features like a timeline, kanban board, time tracking, timesheets, calendar view, and much more are included in this application as it strives to offer a more nuanced task management experience for managing all your projects that you and your team are actively working on.

First Impressions of Quire

Exploring Quire and experimenting with it, this application reminded us of other apps like Upbase, which also aim to be project management software with robust task management features.

Quire was quite user-friendly, allowing me to create a range of different views for some of my projects, including sublists. This feature let me manage the projects I was working on in different views with a few customizations that may have made them a bit more effective. While it does not present itself solely as a task management application, it felt much more like one, despite also having a full suite of project management features.

Feature Spotlight: Timeline View

Used for Visualizing Projects & Tasks

Managing Timeline in Quire

The timeline view inside Quire, was quite impressive. I didn't expect it to offer as much functionality as it did. While it won't replace apps like TeamGantt or GanttPro, it did provide a solid Gantt chart experience right from the start, with a variety of views for different time spans that you might want to work on. It also allowed further customization with prioritization and the ability to view by tags, assignments, and other attributes.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

Feature Spotlight: Calendar View

Used for Planning Tasks for Week

Calendar View in Quire

The calendar view was so appealing that I'd probably recommend it even for individuals. It was excellent for managing work in a calendar view that could be used with a week view, helping you coordinate your week's activities. Although there wasn't a two-way integration with Google Calendar, the calendar view was great for managing and planning your week or month ahead.

It did have a schedule view, but that was locked behind a premium subscription, which offered a more visual representation of what you and your team are working on. This likely pairs well with the timesheets feature, which helps track where your team is spending their time by project and task.

Feature Spotlight: Custom Fields

Used for Bolstering Your Tasks

Custom Fields - Quire

Custom fields allows for workflow customization by adding specific details, somewhat like apps like Notion. This flexibility lets you add more information to tasks and communicate more effectively across the team. Adding fields was straightforward, enhancing task management by including details like the project manager, budget, and milestone stage.

Pros & Cons of Quire

Regarding the pros and cons of Quire, here are some observations:


  • Quire has a strong focus on task management for project management
  • It is fast and easy to use, offering useful views, though some are locked behind premium subscriptions


  • The mobile application is not as appealing as the desktop version
  • It feels more like an advanced task management tool rather than a full-fledged project management software, particularly suited for small teams

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

Verdict: Is Quire worth it for your team?

Quire offers a range of pricing from a free plan designed for individuals and teams just getting started, with features like kanban boards, custom views, and folders. The professional and premium pricing tiers delve deeper into more desirable features like the timeline, schedule view, calendar view, time tracking, and reporting, making it worthwhile to explore which pricing plan is best for you.

Quire - Task View

While it's unfortunate that some of the more appealing features are locked behind premium subscriptions, Quire still presents itself as a viable option for smaller teams looking for a less dense, more focused project management software.

In conclusion, Quire is likely best suited for small teams focused on managing tasks in a lightweight system, reminiscent of an enhanced note-taking application with task and project management capabilities. While it may not be a comprehensive system like ClickUp or monday.com, it offers a good way to manage tasks for teams up to about 50 people, making it a potentially suitable solution.

Sleek Interface

Quire has a seamless and easy-to-navigate interface.


You can collaborate effectively with your team inside Quire and outsource to external teams.


Organise extra tasks by moving them to the 'my tasks' section and further organisation.

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