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What is Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is an all-in-one project management software for planning, tracking and collaborating on projects, Zoho Projects offers tons of features including milestones, assigning tasks, different views, custom fields and a customisable dashboard.

Zoho Projects can also be integrated with other apps and tools to enhance your workflow and collaboration with different teams.

Best Features of Zoho Projects

Here's some key features of Zoho Projects, a feature-packed project management app.

  • A place to generate invoices and track expenses to keep on top of finances, project spending, payments, clients and more.
  • A customisable dashboard to provide different project tracking views such as tables, charts and lists.
  • Collaborate with teams inside the built-in chat or dedicated project forums, also share documents and keep them in one place.
  • Set baselines for projects and tasks, along with milestones, task lists and subtasks, and critical paths.

Who Uses Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is used by all kinds of teams and businesses who need a place to break down tasks and track projects all in one place. It's a great space to collaborate, share documents and track progress too.

In terms of pricing, Zoho Projects comes in less expensive than some other all-in-one apps at around £4 per user per month.


With Zoho Projects you can collaborate through built-in chats, forums, documents and more.


Use different views and systems to track project progress and teamwork inside Zoho Projects.

Lots of Features

Zoho Projects has lots of features for planning, tracking, collaborating and completing tasks.

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Answering Questions About Zoho Projects

What other views can I use inside Zoho Projects?

Zoho allows you to choose between different views to suit your needs, you can use the classic view, plain view, or Kanban for projects.

How can I stay on track with my team members inside Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects as a 'Project Feed' where all updates and statuses will appear. Here you can see what your team is doing and which tasks have new actions.

Can I use Zoho Projects for free?

You can use Zoho Projects for free for up to 3 users, after this, you will have to upgrade and pay per user.

What are Zoho Blueprints?

Blueprints are used to automate tasks inside Zoho Projects. You can set up your blueprint to enable more time for other tasks.

Can I use Zoho Projects on Mobile?

Yes, you can use Zoho Projects on iOS and Android devices to manage projects on the go.

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