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Amazing Marvin Review

Best Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives & Verdict

Amazing Marvin is a different kind of task management tool, allowing you to create and build upon different task methodologies and to create your own system.

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What is Amazing Marvin?

Amazing Marvin is a to-do list app tool for managing tasks, schedule & plug in tools.

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What does Amazing Marvin actually do?

The software offers a wide range of features and customisation options to help users create a personalized productivity system that suits their unique needs and work style.

Some of the key features of Amazing Marvin include the ability to create and organise tasks using various methods, including lists, boards, and timelines. Users can customise their task views with various themes, tags, and filters.

Additionally, Amazing Marvin includes tools for time management, such as the ability to track time spent on tasks and set reminders for deadlines. The software also includes features for goal-setting and habit-tracking, with the ability to set goals, track progress, and receive reminders to help stay on track.

Best Features of Amazing Marvin

There's a range of features as part of Marvin and many people call it the chameleon for their productivity changing to adapt to people:

Verdict: Is Amazing Marvin Worth It?

Amazing Marvin can be especially useful for individuals who work on multiple projects or tasks simultaneously and need a system to keep track of all their responsibilities.

The software is also well-suited for users who want to set goals and track their progress, as well as for those who need help managing their time effectively.

Best Alternatives to Amazing Marvin

If you're hunting for more Amazing Marvin alternatives, explore here. This is a flexible tool with an interesting way to bolt on and off features you may or might not need. Alternatives include TickTick, Todoist & Things 3.

Feature Rich

Amazing Marvin has tons of features and everything you need all in one place to boost productivity.


Customise the application to suit your own personal needs. Choose what elements you would like in your workflow and adjust accordingly.


Easily import tasks from other applications if you choose to use Amazing Marvin. This makes the transition super fast and easy.

Understanding Amazing Marvin

Questions about Marvin

Who develops Amazing Marvin?

Marvin is designed as a two-person team with Christina Willner and Mark. Their LinkedIn account suggests a total of 4 people.

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