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Detailed Review of Llama Life: Best Features, Pricing & More

Llama Life is a task management app popular for ADHD . It allows you to plot your tasks, set a timer and get glowing into a routine across the workday.

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What is Llama Life?

Llama Life is an ADHD planner app and to-do list designed as a simple tasks app with a timer, workflow manager and list feature for managing your work and life tasks.

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It allows users to create tasks and to-dos and organizes them into lists and categories. Llama Life has also become a very useful ADHD tasks app and is a good ADHD planner app. Many reviews talk about how Llama Life has improved the daily routine and schedule of those who sometimes struggle with remembering plans or keeping a routine.

With its simple and intuitive design, Llama Life is an easy way to get organized and be more productive, a perfect ADHD tasks app and also good for ADHD to-do lists.

Who is Llama Life For?

Llama Life is a really clever tool for anyone who struggles with managing their tasks and to-dos. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming to get lots of things done in one day, especially for those with neurodivergent brains.

Llama Life helps break down each individual task to help you plan your day and get more things done. Use the timer for each task to help with focus, and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Best Features of Llama Life

These are the key features of Llama Life, the to-do and task management tool.

1. Break Down Tasks

Llama Life can break down larger tasks into smaller manageable steps. This helps make things feel less overwhelming and more achievable.

Llama Life list of tasks.

Each broken-down step will also have an estimated time and an overall time to complete all of the tasks.

Breaking down larger tasks such as 'get ready' helps your brain understand each step it takes to complete this task. For example, this task broken down may include 'take a shower', 'brush teeth', 'get dressed' and so on.

You can then choose which tasks you want to keep or get rid of by clicking the x button.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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2. Timers & End Time

Use Task Timers for each individual task in Llama Life, this helps users maintain their focus on this single task until the timer is up.

This also helps you get an overall idea of the end time of your day if you complete all your tasks within the set times. Meaning no time for procrastination. At the end of each day, you will receive a report so you can go over what you have achieved.

Analytics Report from Llama Life

At the start of the day add in any extra tasks you want to get done besides any recurring or already scheduled tasks. You will then see all your tasks in a row, with a completion time at the bottom. This helps users visualise their day as a whole with a better understanding of their time.

3. Preset Lists

Preset lists are one of the most loved features of Llama Life.

It's essentially a template for a set list of tasks you can quickly add to your daily plan to help populate your day and follow set routines.

For example, you can create a preset list for your morning routine, your after-work routine, and maybe your exercise routine. It can be anything. Using a preset list saves so much time, just give yourself a couple of minutes in the morning to add in your daily tasks and go from there, one step at a time.

4. Personalise

You can customise your own Llama Life app for added fun, and to create a space you want to be in.

Customising applications helps add to the enjoyment of using them, it can sometimes help with how you visualise your tasks and plan your day too.

You can choose from different colour palettes for your tasks and add Emojis anywhere you can find text. Again, all for fun.

Llama Life Pricing

There are three pricing options for Llama Life, a monthly, annual or lifetime plan. You can use Llama Life for free, however upgrading will give you all the features unlocked and more, depending on the plan you choose.

Llama Life pricing plans.

The monthly plan is $6 and the annual plan is $39, they both unlock all features within the app, enabling you to receive the full experience. You will receive all customisation abilities, timers, preset lists and Todoist integration.

The lifetime plan is $99 and unlocks everything you get in the other plans, but it helps donate to the application so they can continue developing and upgrading the tool.

How Much Does Llama Life Cost?

Llama Life has three pricing plans. Monthly, annual and lifetime.

The monthly plan is $6 per month and this includes all features such as integration, preset lists, timers and more. The annual plan is $39 per year, this includes all features too.

Then finally, the lifetime plan is $99, this unlocks the app for you forever, meaning its a one-off price. This also goes towards the company so they can continue developing Llama Life.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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Final Verdict on Llama Life

Llama Life is said to be a great application for anyone who finds it difficult to focus on tasks for a period of time. It's been specifically designed as an ADHD tasks app and for an ADHD to-do list. However, it does span to anyone who needs a lightweight to-do list app.

This app can help you stay on track with what needs to get done, and motivate you to finish your tasks and to-dos.

Llama Life Alternatives

Here are a couple of Llama Life alternatives for better task and time management.

  • Microsoft To-Do - This app is super easy to use and can integrate with your other Microsoft 365 tools.
  • Todoist - Todoist is a more in-depth task management tool, with added tags and collaborative abilities.
  • Clear - Clear is another basic to-do list app, great for anyone who just needs a space for their daily tasks with added priority levels.

Task Presets

Llama Life has simple presets for saving task routines or picking from routines you might like to simple apply a routine to your day ahead.

Fun Interfaces

Llama Life is a very aesthetically pleasing application, it's fun to use, and easy to create a habit of managing your to-dos and timing your tasks.

ADHD Planner App

Llama Life is great for anyone who finds productivity applications overwhelming, it's known for being a good ADHD to-do list. It's easy to navigate and straightforward.

Llama Life Integrations

Llama Life now integrates with Todoist. This allows users to sync their existing tasks inside Todoist into Llama Life each day. Once you have done this you can set timers and work in a more structured manner to get through your day.

To learn how to integrate Llama Life with Todoist click here.

Is Llama Life Free?

Llama Life is free to use with the basic features, you will need to upgrade the app to access all the features such as preset lists, timers and more.

Llama Life: ADHD Planner App

Llama Life is very popular as a to-do list app to support individuals with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) by providing tools and features to help manage task overwhelm and improve daily routines of tasks. This has been a user-led initiative.

By combining routine management, time tracking, goal setting, journaling, mindfulness exercises, and community support, the Llama Life app offers a comprehensive toolkit for individuals with ADHD.

It aims to improve organization, increase productivity, promote self-awareness, and foster a sense of belonging within a community that understands and supports their unique challenges.

Llama Life: Explained

Managing Tasks in Llama Life

Does Llama Life have a mobile app?

Right now, no. They offer a Chrome extension but they do have plans to develop an iOS and Android app according to their Twitter account.

Who develops Llama Life?

Marie Ng and her small team develop Llama Life. They have been building for several years, and currently host the Weekly Build podcast too.

Has Llama Life taken investment?

They have taken $900,000 in investment from an round led by BSC, Black Sheep Captial and an additional investment from US investor Jason Calacanis.

Is Llama Life good for non-ADHD use?

Llama Life is open to all and provided a good, all-round lightweight nature for managing your to-dos. If you're looking for something lighter than Todoist, but weightier than Google Tasks, this will work well.

Is Llama Life a good ADHD to-do list app?

Llama Life can be a good ADHD to-do list app, it provides a toolkit for individuals with ADHD to stay organized and focused. However, personal preferences vary, so it's recommended to explore the app's features and interface to determine if it aligns well with your specific needs and workflow.

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