Llama Life

Llama Life

Focused task management for planning your day using preset tasks and a timer. Popular for ADHD task management, giving you a simple system for focus and flow.

What's good about Llama Life

What's good

  • Automation
  • Fun Interface
  • Easy to Use
What's not good about Llama Life

What's not good

  • Chrome Only

Llama Life Key Features

Llama Life Key feature #1

Task Presets

Llama Life has simple presets for saving task routines or picking from routines you might like to simple apply a routine to your day ahead.

Llama Life Key feature #2

Fun Interfaces

Llama Life is a very aesthetically pleasing application, it's fun to use, and easy to create a habit of managing your to-dos and timing your tasks.

Llama Life Key feature #3

Popular for ADHD

Llama Life is great for anyone who finds productivity applications overwhelming, it's known for being a good ADHD to-do list. It's easy to navigate and straightforward.

Llama Life: Light Task Management

Llama Life is a productivity app designed to help users focus and stay on task.

It allows users to create tasks and to-dos and organizes them into lists and categories. Llama Life has also become a very useful ADHD tasks app and is a good adhd to-do list application. Many reviews talk about how Llama Life has improved the daily routine and schedule of those who sometimes struggle with remembering plans or keeping a routine.

Llama Life also offers a calendar-like feature which allows users to see all their tasks on one page - like a stack of what's next in timed order. Llama Life also offers reminders and notifications to help users stay on track with their tasks.

With its simple and intuitive design, Llama Life is an easy way to get organized and be more productive, a perfect ADHD tasks app and also good for ADHD to-do lists.

Llama Life is more of a focused task management app.

The Best Features of Llama Life

These are the key features of Llama Life and how it works:

  • Automatically schedule tasks and manage recurring events
  • Prioritise tasks and set deadlines
  • Save and create presets for later - saving time uploading task routines
  • Track progress and share updates with colleagues
  • Integrate with external tools and services

Why Llama Life is Popular as a ADHD Task App

Llama Life is very popular as a to-do list app to support individuals with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) by providing tools and features to help manage task overwhelm and improve daily routines of tasks. This has been a user-led initiative.

By combining routine management, time tracking, goal setting, journaling, mindfulness exercises, and community support, the Llama Life app offers a comprehensive toolkit for individuals with ADHD.

It aims to improve organization, increase productivity, promote self-awareness, and foster a sense of belonging within a community that understands and supports their unique challenges.

Smart Shortcuts in Llama Life

With Smart shortcuts, you can quickly set the duration of the timer by typing in a number and the title of the task. For example, you can type 10 and create a task of "Tidy Room" that will last for 10 minutes.

Llama Life also has keyboard shortcuts to speed up time, you can press the A key to quickly create a task. This is a neat time-saver to have.

Is Llama Life Best For Me?

Llama Life is said to be a great application for anyone who finds it difficult to focus on tasks for a period of time. It's been specifically designed as an ADHD tasks app and for a ADHD to-do list. However, it does span to anyone that needs a lightweight to-do list app.

This app can help you stay on track with what needs to get done, and motivate you to finish your tasks and to-dos. Right now Llama Life is limited to Chrome-only, with plans to expand.

Alternatives to Llama Life include Microsoft To-Do, Clear, and Todoist.

Llama Life: Explained

Managing Tasks in Llama Life

Right now, no. They offer a Chrome extension but they do have plans to develop an iOS and Android app according to their Twitter account.

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