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Amie Calendar Review (2024)

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Amie wants to be a combination of calendar, todos and even email too. This is a new calendar app with a vision to be the base for your time. Here's our deep dive & review.

Amie Calendar App, Managing Your Calendar, Schedule

What is Amie?

Amie is a new calendar app with task management and a focus on managing time.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

What does Amie do?

Amie wants to be your base for managing time.

They do this with a really well designed calendar application and combined with a way to manage your todos as lists, with subtasks. Amie doesn't stop there, they have build a set of integrations with popular productivity apps like Todoist, Notion, Linear & more. This helps to bring together all tasks into a one task view to drag onto your calendar.

Creating an Event in Amie Calendar

Amie is focused on the calendar with a way to time-block and schedule tasks ahead.

Amie Calendar Pros

Here's what we liked about Amie Calendar during testing:

1. Todos & Integrations

Task management is better than I thought in Amie Calendar.

Managing Tasks in Amie Calendar, Lists

Todo's can be managed on the left sidebar allowing you to better handle the basics with lists too. From here, you can add sub-tasks, drag them into the calendar and edit duration too - so all the basics for task management - this is made a whole lot better when you can bring in your tasks from Things 3, TickTick and Todoist - which was a decent import.

You then can also import tasks from Notion and Linear too - suitable for team users who want to bring everything then. For each integration, we we impressed you can customize how the setup and import bring tasks into your system.

Todoist Amie Calendar

One of the other things to note is you can setup Spotify and Apple Health (via the mobile app) with the Amie Calendar. This brings in so you can see what time you played your music (for us, useless, but maybe more for others) and the ability to see when you slept, your HR, meditation and workouts - which all could be helpful.

They plan to add Netflix and more to integrations too.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

2. Booking Links

A nod to the booking scheduling links.

Booking Links in Amie Calendar

This is a great way to externally recommend meetings with other people and even meet with the most suitable people. We'd recommend taking a look at this as a way to replace the likes of Calendy and other meeting scheduling services. This worked well.

3. Fluid & Fast

Amie is one of the best looking and practical mobile apps we've used.

Amie Calendar on Mobile

When we saw the teaser for Amie's mobile app, we thought it might be a little daunting to use. To be honest, it was functional and impressive. The mobile app allowed us to plan tasks into the calendar with ease and without compromising on access to the calendar.

One of the best mobile calendar apps on the market, big statement.

We also were impressed how the desktop app, and webOS editions worked. They were speedy and adding events were simple. The range of views, zoom in and customization in settings was very good for Amie Calendar.

Amie Calendar Cons

Here's the things we didn't like about Amie Calendar:

1. Google Calendar

Right now, like Notion Calendar, Amie is limited to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Connected in Amie Calendar

They plan to add Apple Calendar, but largely this is the only way to connect calendar right now. This limits many people on Notion Calendar and something that might annoy you if you're looking at Amie using something like Outlook or Apple Calendar.

2. Steep Pricing

The current premium pricing is $15 per month, billed monthly.

For many, this is a premium calendar experience and for light task management and a not simple, but not fully completed email client this might turn them off. For those who centre around their calendar application, this might be more approachable.

How much is Amie Calendar?

Amie Calendar is $12.50 per month, billed annually for Amie Pro.

How much does Amie Calendar cost?

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

Verdict: Is Amie Calendar Worth It?

Amie Calendar is a very interesting one.

In closed beta for more than 2 years, they've been crafting a very well designed calendar experience in partnership with OpenPurpose, one of the best design agencies in our opinion, and you can tell with the finished product looking fantastic.

Amie Calendar, Calendar App with Tasks

The function of Amie was great, the ability to add integrations is a winner, and the mobile app was superb. Whilst Amie is steep in pricing, you get a really well-crafted experience, with a focus on combination of apps in one and expanding further.

This is a great calendar app for those who want a reliable, good-looking app that brings tasks into one base and are open to experimenting with ambitious plans like building an email client within their calendar experience.

Best Amie Calendar Alternatives

Notion Calendar, Rise and Mayday are all good Amie alternatives.

Task Management

You have the ability to create tasks, events and reminders all in one place, you can also share and collaborate on these tasks with your team.


Integrate Amie with third-party applications to further your productivity like Todoist, Linear & Notion.


Work on tasks and events with your team inside Amie Calendar.

Questions on Amie Calendar

Your queries about Amie

How advanced is tasks in Amie?

The tasks are basic in Amie but give you enough to plan a list, layout tasks in advance and complete them. This is just enough for many people, you can also quick capture on command bar of Amie too.

Can I book meetings with Amie?

Yes, there's a scheduling function built into Amie that allows for sharing with your team members too who are connected to your calendar app.

Is Amie Calendar free?

Yes, but there is a $10 edition for teams right now giving you more access. This will likely change and adapt, as they are a newer company in the calendar market.

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