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2Do Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Features & Verdidct

2Do is a classic productivity application popular with David Allen's Getting Things Done.

2Do App, Managing Tasks with 2Do

What is 2Do App?

2Do is a prevalent software for task management. Made popular with GTD (Getting Things Done) 2Do can help you manage your lists, tasks & more. It comes on Android, Mac, and iOS and comes with a one-off pricing like Things 3.

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Best Features in 2Do App

There are plenty of features in 2Do for managing your tasks:

  • GTD - Popular with those who have read Getting Things Done
  • Smart Lists - better help you manage lists under filters and properties
  • Tags - for better organizing types of tasks on the go

2Do App Pricing

One of the best things about 2Do App is the pricing. Priced at $59.99 for one license. and with options for multi-licenses from $179.99. With one license, you can transfer between up to 5 devices.

Pricing page for 2do

Is 2Do App Any Good?

2Do is a great app for those who want to replicate a GTD system. You can create to-do lists for personal use, team tasks, and much more. The application is very flexible and can suit many different needs.


Use 2Do as a simple to-do list, or dive deeper into its many features to create a full GTD method to manage multiple tasks.


Use filters and lists to organise your to-dos and tasks.

Feature Rich

2Do can be as simple or as feature-rich as you like. Use tags, locations, different methods of sorting and much more.

2Do: The GTD Task Management App

Exploring how 2Do work further

Is 2Do the best app for GTD?

One of them. Like Nirvana HQ, the system is much more designed and tailored towards those who have read the Getting Things Done book by David Allen.

If I buy 2Do, will I have to pay again?

Right now, 2Do works on a license system where once you download it and buy the license you can keep it forever, but this could change if they move to a premium subscription in the future. Currently it works like competitive to-do list app Things 3.

Is 2Do good if I want a basic task management app?

Probably not, it works more advanced in set-up and is better for those who like task management with GTD, Getting Things Done, like approaches to productivity. We'd recommend tools like Google Tasks, Twos or maybe Microsoft To-Do for lightweight task lists.

Do I need to learn GTD to use 2Do?

No, you can use 2Do without any prior knowledge to Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen, but it does help. 2Do is more of an open book compared to GTD task app like Nirvana that almost requires the skills of GTD to be known.

Can I use 2Do on all devices?

You can use 2Do on macOS, Android and iOS. Currently they do not support Windows. 2Do can be purchased via the licenses on their website.

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