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What is Ellie Planner?

Ellie Planner is a simple and beautiful daily planner that uses time boxes, kanban upcoming view and brain dumps to help organise and plan your time.

Managing Tasks, Brain Dump and Planner in Ellie Planner

Ellie Planner Features

These are some key features of Ellie Planner:

  • Ellie Planners uses time boxing so you can drag and drop tasks into the side panel
  • Connect with your existing Google & Apple calendar to view calendar events with tasks
  • Use the brain dump section to get all your thoughts and ideas in one place
  • Use these to organise and manage tasks.
  • Create subtasks to help complete a bigger task.
  • Set recurring tasks to save time, and never miss something important

Ellie Planner Pricing

Ellie Planner Pricing

There's a pretty clean pricing and a lot of the features in Ellie Planner are locked like the ability to time-block, add labels and more. This isn't bad pricing compared to Sunsama if you're looking for something similar with a few less features.

Ellie Planner Verdict

The app was created by Chris Raroque, all by himself! To create an application he feels works like a second brain. The app is named Ellie after his pet hamster, and he says it's changed his life. So, if you're looking for a simple and easy way to plan your day on your iOS application, Ellie Planner may be the one for you.

Ellie Planning Tasks Views

Ellie Planner is best suited for anyone looking for a simple and easy way to plan their time. The brain dump feature is great for writing down anything you can't forget, and dragging specific tasks into time boxes really helps visualise and plan your day

This is good for an alternative to Sunsama if you don't want to break the bank.


The Ellie Planner has a really nice and simple interface, perfect for beginners to create a daily plan and similar in nature to Sunsama.

Time Blocking

Use the time-blocking feature to effectively plan your day and get everything done.

Brain Dumps

Note whatever needs to get done, any plans or even any thoughts. You can organise them later and plan them into your day.

What are Brain Dumps in Ellie Planner?

Ellie Planner Brain Dump

The Brain Dump feature allows users to enter information in a free-form format, without the need to create a task or project first.

Users can simply type in their ideas or notes and save them in the Brain Dump section. Once the ideas are captured, users can organise them into relevant projects or tasks at a later time. This feature is especially useful for individuals who tend to have many ideas and thoughts throughout the day and need a place to keep them all in one centralized location.

The Brain Dump feature also enables users to declutter their minds, which can reduce stress and anxiety by providing a clear and organized space to manage their thoughts.

Ellie Planner: Daily Planner App

Questions about Ellie Planner

Who developed Ellie Planner?

Chris Raroque is the lead developer and creator of Ellie Planner. He also develops Aloa - an outsourcing software development marketplace.

What type of app is Ellie Planner?

Ellie Planner presents itself as a daily planner app, a tool that helps you plot your tasks out with a calendar in mind. It compares as a lightweight alternative to Sunsama.

Sunsama or Ellie Planner?

Sunsama is much more feature rich than Ellie Planner offering a host of more mindful approaches to workload like a time estimate for each task, a hand-holding process for planning your day and closing it down and a host of ways to bring tasks in from tools like ClickUp, Gmail, Todoist and more. Ellie Planner as a Sunsama alternative is an option, but for those who want a more lightweight version of Sunsama as a whole.

Is Ellie Planner expensive?

As a daily planner app, it is priced reasonably with an offering higher than Todoist but lower than Sunsama. So as a Sunsama alternative it packs in say 2x less features, but at 4x the price which isn't bad for people looking for daily planner apps on a budget.

Is Ellie Planner for me?

If you're looking for a daily planner app or alternative to Sunsama on a budget. This could be a neat option for your choice list, if you like a calendar and task list in one, with a kanban approach to managing your week ahead, with some smaller neat features in a reasonable paid plan for a daily planner app - look at Ellie Planner.

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