BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset AI

What is BeforeSunset AI?

BeforeSunset AI is a mindful productivity tool that uses AI to help you plan and schedule your perfect day based on your tasks, notes, time frames and calendar integration.

BeforeSunset AI promotes mindful productivity by helping you create a healthier work routine and personal routine. Making sure the two are kept separate and just as fulfilling.

You can use time blocking to make sure you get your tasks done, integrate your calendar events and even take notes inside the app to avoid having to switch between tools.

Best Features of BeforeSunset AI

Here are some key features of BeforeSunset AI, the mindful productivity tool with AI.

  • Write to-do lists and have AI plan the day for you.
  • Create subtasks to break down larger tasks into more manageable ones.
  • Sync with your calendar and time block events and tasks.
  • See personal analytics to track progress and time management.
  • Team collaboration and communication abilities.

Who is BeforeSunset AI Best Suited For?

BeforeSunset AI is best suited for anyone who feels overwhelmed by endless lists and struggles to manage their day. This is more of a personal use app, however, you will be able to work alongside your team.

BeforeSunset AI is not difficult to navigate, you should be able to use the app pretty quickly. In terms of pricing, you can try the app for free or upgrade to around $10 per month to access all features.

Tasks AI

BeforeSunset AI uses AI to help plan and structure your day from your added tasks and timeframes.


With BeforeSunset AI you can integrate your calendar, take notes, work with your team, track analytics and more.


BeforeSunset AI promotes mindful productivity by creating a sunrise and sunset routine, it also helps you better manage your time to not overwork.

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