Brite wants to be your daily planner app for tasks, calendar & habit tracking in one.

Brite Planner Review

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Brite is a daily planner app with a range of abilities to help it manage your day.

Brite Daily Planner App

What is Brite?

Brite is a daily planner app that handles tasks, habits & calendar in one.

What does Brite do?

Brite wants to be everything. It states it does a 20 in one experience, handling a CRM, habits, tasks and everything to calendar in one app.

Best Features

1. Habit Tracking

One of the key features is that it handles habits alongside tasks and calendar. This is rare to see with daily planning applications on the market.

2. All-in-One Tasks

Brite wants to bring all the apps you use for calendar, habits into one app alongside your task management and it prides itself on being able to do this.

How much does Brite cost?

Brite charges $39.99 per year for premium.

Brite Alternatives

Akiflow, Motion and Todoist are good Brite alternatives.

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