5 Best Daily Planner Tools for 2023

Go beyond your to-do list with these daily planner apps. Daily planners help by housing your calendar and tasks, but offering hand-holding support with your tasks and workload.

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Francesco D'Alessio

Friday 5th May, 2023



What are Daily Planner Apps?

Let's start by explaining the basis of a daily planner app.

A daily planner app isn't too distant from a to-do list application, but it combined that concept with a calendar app bringing a base for planning tasks with your calendar in mind. Other ways to determine whether a productivity tool is a daily planner app is the focus on structuring your day - with features like hand-holding, routines or scheduling for you.

This is why we commonly refer to them as daily planner apps, they help us plan our day more effectively than to-do list apps, and normally at a more expensive budget.

Do I Need a Daily Planner App?

People are flocking to daily planner applications for more structure in their task management. this is becoming a trend in the market as people want more help with managing a typical work day. They normally give you better structure, help & view of your day ahead.

You might not need a daily planner application - it really depends on your current pain points. People are exploring daily planner apps as alternatives to task management apps purely because their task apps seem static compared to the nature of apps like Motion - that can move your schedule around, or tools like Sunsama that tell you when you are over-working.

Don't jump on one, seek if you struggle with the key areas - like support with planning your day, or more dynamic ways to schedule tasks and calendar in one or even just a timeline like structure to your day.

Picking the Right Daily Planner App for You

Tools in our list above range in size and practical use.

We'd recommend looking at what your needs are. If you are time-poor and need something to re-organize your day ahead, Motion is a good tool for that with a AI/machine learning ability to help do that.

Need something more mindful, Sunsama could be practical for setting daily limits on your workload and helping hold your hand during planning the next day. Want something iOS based? Structured presents a smart daily planner that will be better for those on the go.

Akiflow is another on this list that helps you to plan, but focuses a lot on the combination of calendar and tasks in one hub pulling tasks from other sites too. Matching to things you struggle with will help.

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