Best Motion Alternatives for Task Management in 2024

Motion Alternatives

Productivity apps need to work with us, that's why AI has become such a great added feature or ability to many tools, making processes, actions and integrations much smoother and faster.

Motion uses AI to have your calendar and tasks work and move around for you, without the need for constant manual work and wasted time. By using AI with Motion you can plan for events, and meetings and be ready if something changes.

We have gathered more task management and AI-integrated tools to help you extend your productivity and save more time.

Best Motion Alternatives

Here's our list of best Motion alternatives to see which task management app you like.

  • 1. Akiflow - A daily planner application with tasks and a calendar.
  • 2. Sunsama - Puts your work-life balance at the forefront of daily planning.
  • 3. Reclaim.AI - A smart calendar tool for organising meetings and managing times.
  • 4. Ellie Planner - A nice daily planner tool that uses time blocking.
  • 5. Notion - Flexible task management space for an all-in-one experience.
  • 6. Todoist - To-do list app with task management and organisation.
  • 7. Routine - An aesthetic daily planner tool for creating routines and managing tasks.
  • 8. Taskade - AI tool for managing tasks and notes in one connected system.
  • 9. NotePlan 3 - Another all-in-one note-taking tool with a calendar and tasks.

What Makes a Great Motion Alternative?

Motion is a really clever task management tool that works well for organising your calendar, scheduling meetings and making sure your high-priority tasks are done first. Some of the things Motion does well with are;

  • Calendar and tasks nearby - Motion is a single space for your calendar and tasks to work side by side. This is great for managing your schedule and events alongside tasks so you can visualise how much time you have.
  • AI abilities make for a nicer experience - AI creates a quick and clever experience inside Motion, by adding in tasks, priorities, due dates and your daily work schedule, Motion can rearrange to make sure you're not doing too much.
  • Good quality design and function - Everyone loves to use an app with a nice feel and a good user experience. Motion has a very sleek and minimal interface which is easy to navigate and learn how to use.

Right, now let's get into the Motion alternatives we have found for you. The following apps are in no particular order and offer a range of task management and calendar integration needs.

1. Akiflow

Calendar Time Blocking in Akiflow, with Tasks

Akiflow is a really great Motion alternative if you are looking for something to dive deeper into with daily planning and calendar. With Akiflow you can consolidate all your tools for your tasks, to-dos, calendar and more into one place, making it easy to organise and manage everything quickly.

Akiflow also allows you to time block like in Motion, however, with Akiflow it works by dragging and dropping tasks from the sidebar from other tools you use for productivity. You can then sync Akiflow with your mobile to manage your schedule on the go.

Akiflow Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • AI abilities - Motion wins over Akiflow here with the use of AI. With Motion, you can use AI to help organise and manage tasks inside your daily plan to save you time and effort manually planning your day and priorities.
  • Consolidation - Akiflow does allow you to integrate other productivity tools to consolidate everything in one place, this is really useful if you do use lots of different tools to manage to-dos and projects.
  • Universal inbox - Akiflow has a universal inbox right on the screen for you to drag and drop your daily tasks into your planner. You can add tasks and how long you think it will take to complete to make sure you stay in line with your workday plan.

2. Sunsama

Sunsama, Mindful Productivity Tool, Daily Planner App

Sunsama is a tasks and calendar application that promotes a healthy work-life balance by helping you plan and arrange your daily tasks to make sure you aren't working unhealthy hours but still getting everything done for the week.

You can view a list of tasks, or switch to the calendar view where you can drag and drop tasks to rearrange. On the side, you will see what time your day should finish so you can make sure you aren't overworking yourself.

Sunsama Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Timeboxing - Similar to Motion, you can use Timeboxing inside Sunsama to click and drag to arrange your work day and the time you have during the day for tasks to be added to.
  • Guided Planning - Sunsama has a cool feature for helping you plan your day, you can manually add in tasks or populate your day with a type of tasks such as meetings.
  • AI abilities - Motion does have more AI abilities than Sunsama when it comes to populating your calendar automatically and rearranging your tasks based on their priority.

3. Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI calendar interface view.

Reclaim AI uses tons of AI features to help busy teams manage their tasks, teams, meetings and calendar schedules. It's a nice easy application to use, very similar to the way Motion presents its AI for organising tasks and helping you find meeting times.

To use Reclaim AI you will have to integrate it with your existing productivity tools to pull in all the tasks, calendar events and more to start using AI to build daily task lists. Reclaim also helps you create better routines and habits with auto-scheduling on repeat.

Reclaim AI Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Daily routines - Create your daily habits and routines with Reclaim AI, this way you don't have to always manually add them to your daily plan, instead Reclaim will automatically add them.
  • Meetings - Motion and Reclaim AI are great for scheduling and organising meetings, Reclaim uses scheduling links and Motion helps find the best times for both team members.
  • Productivity stats - Reclaim AI will give you stats and analytics on how productive you have been to help you adjust your daily plan and further boost productivity or save time.

4. Ellie Planner

Ellie Planner, Sunsama Alternative, iOS and Web view

Ellie Planner is a simple daily planning tool that uses time blocking to organise your plans, events, tasks and much more. You can use different views such as task and Kanban to manage your daily plan and click and drag to rearrange.

Ellie Planner also has a neat brain dump section for adding all tasks, notes and ideas before turning them into actionable items.

Ellie Planner Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Meetings - Motion is more aimed towards those who need and want to schedule lots of meetings more easily, Ellie Planner is less for this and more for a personal daily plan.
  • Simple - Ellie Planner provides a neat and simple way to time block your day with all the tasks and to-dos you need to get done. You can also set recurring tasks with Ellie Planner.
  • AI - Ellie Planner allows you to set recurring tasks but doesn't so much use AI to help with scheduling and finding the best times for tasks or meetings.

5. Notion

Notion, Tasks & Projects, Demo

Notion is a flexible workspace that has now integrated the use of AI for some users, this is great for speeding up processes for filling databases, writing, editing, translating and more. So a little different to the way Motion uses AI, but still another tool for boosting productivity with AI.

Notion allows you to create a planning space with your team to assign tasks, collaborate with comments, and share information for projects and tasks.

Notion Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Workspace - Notion and Motion sound the same but do very different things, Motion is more for scheduling meetings and organising tasks alongside the calendar, whereas Notion is an all-in-one space for tasks, projects, writing and more.
  • AI - Both tools use AI but in different ways, Notion can help write content, summarise writing, translate, and populate databases within pages.
  • Scheduling - Motion is better for scheduling meetings alongside calendars, this way you can see your team's calendars and quickly agree to meeting times. You can however create databases to perform similar actions in Notion, just more manual work is needed.

6. Todoist

Kanban Tasks inside of Todoist for Tasks and Projects

Todoist is a neat and simple to-do list application that allows you to manage all your tasks in one space. You can also schedule recurring tasks, tag and organise to-dos and view your to-dos in different ways.

You can centralise all your tasks in one space by adding tasks straight from emails, assigning tasks to your team with comments to collaborate with your team and organising your tags further with priority levels, tags and more.

Todoist Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Priority levels - In both Motion and Todoist you can set priority levels to help organise tasks and make sure you are completing the most important tasks first.
  • Collaboration - With both Motion and Todoist you can collaborate with your team to assign tasks, or to communicate about tasks and meetings.
  • Task views - Todoist allows you to personalise and use different task views for organising your to-dos, whereas Motion provides the same interface for managing tasks and meetings.

7. Routine

Inbox view in Routine Calendar

Routine is another centralised place for your calendar and tasks to help you organise and plan your days and weeks. You can craft your perfect day with Routine by dragging and dropping tasks into your calendar view, you can also assign tasks and work with your team.

Routine also gives you a space for writing and sharing notes, helpful if you want to brain dump or create knowledge bases for your team, or yourself.

Routine Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Smart Schedules - Similar to the way Motion uses AI to find the best times and dates for tasks or meetings, Routine helps users by making sure tasks do not overlap your existing daily routines or rituals.
  • Meetings - Although Routines doesn't assist so much with meeting times, you can integrate with meeting tools to be notified when a meeting is about to start, where you can also use notes and write notes.
  • A Good Balance - Routine is described as a good balance between a flexible workspace and a simpler calendar and task tool. Routine probably offers more in terms of managing tasks and planning your day, but Motion does have the ability of AI to schedule things for you.

8. Taskade

Taskade AI productivity tool with video chat for team collaboration.

Taskade is a very in-depth tool for AI, notes, tasks and creating a knowledge base. This tool is probably a little more advanced than Motion since it has many more abilities and things to learn when using the tool.

Taskade AI is more towards content creation rather than finding times to best place tasks and schedules. With Taskade AI you can create content, meeting agendas, lists, blog posts and much more.

Taskade Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • AI - Taskade and Motion both use AI to help with creating tasks, Motion takes the use of AI a step further by creating a plan for you, moving tasks to convenient times and saving time in the process.
  • Meetings - You can hold meetings inside Taskade and use the notes at the side, Taskade also has many meeting templates to use whilst holding meetings with your team, clients and more.
  • Task views - Taskade gives users the ability to view all their tasks in different board views such as Kanban and Calendar, you can also create filters to view tasks in different orders including priority and date.

9. NotePlan 3

Managing Notes on Mac, iPhone NotePlan 3

Have your tasks, notes and calendar all in one streamlined and simple place with Noteplan 3. With Noteplan you can create in-depth tasks with Markdown, recurring tasks, use natural language input and autocompletion of tasks.

With Noteplan 3 you can also build up a network of notes to create a knowledge base for you and your team, you can also use the app to plan your day and week with in-depth notes thanks to markdown too.

Noteplan 3 Differences to Motion: Good & Bad

  • Markdown - Noteplan 3 uses markdown for tasks and notes allowing you to add detailed notes to tasks and better organise all day or week with tags, mentions and filters.
  • Time blocking - Likewise to Motion you can time block certain times for your tasks to make sure you are keeping in line with your daily plan. Motion uses these times to then schedule meetings or move tasks, and Noteplan uses these times to organise to-dos.
  • Fast - Both Motion and Noteplan 3 are created to be super fast tools. Noteplan uses tons of keyboard shortcuts and allows you to set recurring tasks, Motion uses AI to quickly organise your calendar and meetings.

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