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What is Nirvana?

Nirvana is a to-do list/Get Things Done application. It has many features to help adapt to your own needs, way of working and energy levels.

You can use different tags and filters to focus on what you need to get done that day. Nirvana really helps you focus on short and long-term goals!

Nirvana has all the tools and abilities you would hope for within a to-do list application and it's free! Although, if you upgrade to the Pro version you receive even more…

Key Features of Nirvana

These are some key features of Nirvana.

  • Your next actions are brought into focus to remind you of what needs to get done, and so you stay on track.
  • Write down anything you want within a trusted space for thoughts, ideas, notes and more.
  • Optimise your time by setting recurring tasks and reminders.
  • Filter out anything that isn't in your current area of focus to eliminate distractions with Pro.
  • Create as many projects as you wish with the Pro version.

Nirvana takes security and privacy seriously and uses industry-standard security measures to protect user data. The app uses SSL encryption to secure data in transit and also offers two-factor authentication for added security.

Is Nirvana Good For GTD?

The app's focus on the GTD methodology and its customizable workflow make it particularly well-suited for users who are looking for a systematic way to organize their tasks and projects.

The app's collaboration features also make it a good choice for teams who need to work together on tasks and projects.

GTD Focus

Nirvana is designed to help users capture, clarify, organize, and prioritize their tasks in a systematic way.

Recurring Tasks

Nirvana allows users to set up recurring tasks, which is helpful for tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis.


Users can create their own lists, tags, and contexts to organize their tasks and projects in a way that makes sense to them.

Nirvana: GTD Task Management

Exploring Nirvana for GTD

What is the best GTD app for to-do management?

There are so many to-do list apps that can be mapped to the Getting Things Done system developed by David Allen - but Nirvana is one of the best ones. It maps well to the systems for processing, organizing and completing items - with context items and much more.

Can you use Nirvana without reading GTD?

Yes, the principles are simple, but for optimisation learning GTD will far allow Nirvana to exceed your needs. Otherwise, we'd recommend tools like TickTick or Todoist for all-round management.

Is Nirvana expensive for GTD Task Management?

Nirvana offers a free subscription to get started, they offer a "pro subscription" for the more advanced users giving them access to other features and limits. This is not as expensive as many other GTD task management apps starting from $3 per month, billed annually.

Where can I download Nirvana for GTD?

You can download on mobile (both iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows and macOS). You can also get Nirvana on Chrome too for capturing on web.

Nirvana or Todoist for GTD?

Todoist and Nirvana are both good task management apps for GTD (Getting Things Done). GTD is a flexible model that allows for better to-do management, and both Todoist and Nirvana do a good job at implementing it. Todoist is more open and allows you to mold it to GTD, whereas Nirvana is more focused on GTD. Therefore, for hardcore GTD enthusiasts or those who need assistance in following GTD, Nirvana is a better option.

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