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A simple and easy to use free task management app for iOS users.

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Apple Reminders has become a lot smarter, also known as Apple reminders, and we're going to take a look whether it's suitable for you. Let's explore below.

Managing Reminders on Apple Reminders

What is Apple Reminders?

Apple Reminders is also known as iOS Reminders, but it comes on macOS and iOS, helping you to manage your shopping lists all the way to your focused work.

What does Apple Reminders do?

Reminders helps you to organize lists and create a general structure to all of the things that you need to do. It has an area for today, scheduled, flagged items, and even assigning stuff with shared lists.

You can also create smart lists that have filters and allow you to manage your tasks between them. You can also use it with Siri and iOS shortcuts to help refine the experience much further.

Apple Reminders Best Bits

Here's some of the best features in Apple Reminders, ones we liked:

1. Creating Tasks

Adding a Task IN Apple Reminders

Best features include the likes of creating a task and adding detail to it. For example, a location, a tag, a flag, an image, a note, in a reminder, all can be added.

You can also add an item when messaging so when you want to message somebody and you have something you want to tell them, then you can have it pop up as you're messaging that person. This application is heavily integrated with the likes of other Apple applications.

2. Schedule Ahead & Lists

Scheduled feature helps you go ahead and plan in advance which is great and you can also assign stuff to other people, which is perfect for making sure that others keep track of what you're doing. Adding a reminder is easy and creating grocery lists is a new function that Apple has added in iOS 17, making life a lot easier. You can access them from templates which saves a lot of time.

3. Smart Lists

The Smart List function is also a beneficial feature if you're looking to create a set of parameters around a set series of notes. More recently, they've added the ability to "Save As Template" and view as columns which allow you to plan and organize them as a Kanban board.

How much is Apple reminders?

Apple Reminders is free. If you have an iOS device or a Mac device, and will sync between your iCloud account which makes life a lot easier.

Who is Apple Reminders Best Suited For?

Apple Reminders is perfect for those who don't want a hideous amount of functionality with their to-do list experience.

Creating a new list in Apple Reminders

It's perfect for everyday shopping list items, but also allowing you to plan small projects and manage ahead. If you're not looking for anything madly functional like Todoist or maybe even Superlist, then this experience will do you well and keep you focused and managing your tasks.

I typically recommend this for people who are organizing the most basic of lists, but it can also span upwards as well.

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How To Use Apple Reminders

Answering Questions About Apple Reminders

How do I create a new reminder in the Apple Reminders app?

Here's a short step-by-step on how to create reminders inside Apple Reminders.

a. Open the Reminders app on your iOS device. b. Tap the "+" button in the bottom-left corner to create a new reminder. c. Enter the title of your reminder and, if desired, additional details like due date, priority, and notes. d. Tap "Add" to save the reminder.

Can I share a list with someone who doesn't have an Apple device?

Yes and no, they will need to use an iOS device to manage the list. The person will receive an email invitation. They can view and edit the shared list using the Reminders app on iOS, macOS, or through on a web browser.

What happens when someone edits a shared list?

When someone edits a shared list, changes will be synced across all devices and for all participants. You'll see updates in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Apple Reminders vs Google Tasks

Apple Reminders is perfect for iOS and macOS users looking for a basic to intermediate tasks app. Google Tasks, as of 2023, is a very simple task management app and much more simplistic in features than Apple Reminders.

Is Apple Reminders free?

Yes, Apple Reminders costs nothing - expect the cost of using an iPhone, iPad or macOS device.