What is the Bento app?

Bento is a task management app, but it can also be used for other cases. For example, you can use the Bento app to plan your day, week, goals and much more.

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The basis of Bento is to choose three main tasks for the day. A larger task, a medium-sized task and a smaller one. It is up to you how you manage your workflow, maybe you complete the largest task first, or last.

This application is designed to help you achieve more, reduce stress and feel accomplishment at the end of each day. You can create a workflow that weaves into your current system and ensure you get important tasks done. The Bento Methodology is very simple, making this application easy for anyone to begin using.

Key Features of Bento

These are some of the key features of Bento.

  • Plan your day with 3 or more large, medium and small tasks.
  • Choose from pre-populated templates to get you started.
  • Figure out a workflow that suits you, either start with the largest task and work your way down, or mix it up.
  • Animated themes bring your application to life, choose from different sceneries and dark modes.
  • Use the focus mode timer to enter deep focus and get more work done.

What is the Bento Methodology?

The system is designed to be simple. The concept is focused on three key areas. Pack, flow and focus.

  • Pack - Pick 3 tasks that you want to focus on. Packing your box is like preparing a Bento box, sorting it into the various sections. So you will have to create a large, medium and small task - one will fit into each compartment. Helping your prioritise.
  • Flow - Once you have your three task - large, medium and small. You can choose the order in which you do them. This matters to your type of flow, some people like to start with the big task, others the smaller task.
  • Focus - The focus element is about picking one task, starting a timer and narrowing your attention into that one task. This id designed to produce better, quality result.

Is Bento A Good Choice For Me?

Bento is designed to work alongside other productivity applications, not replace them. If you feel like you need to streamline your workflow better or create a deeper focus on important tasks, then this application could be a great app for you to weave into your current productivity system.

This is not going to replace tools like Todoist or Motion. However, it will be a better way to prioritise your tasks using a more system-based approach, some people will find this helpful, others not.

Task Management

Use the bento method to manage your tasks, choose three major tasks for the day and prioritise what goes first.


Bento promotes focus with timers, creating a calm space, and encourages you to not overwhelm yourself with tons of tasks.

Easy to Use

Bento is a very easy-to-use application, the process is straightforward and accessible to anyone wanting to better manage their workflow.

Bento: Priority Focused Task App

Questions about Bento

Is Bento for everyone?

Bento isn't for everyone. It is priority-focused task management application with a strict methodology that helps you focus on three-tasks.

Is Bento on Android?

Right now, no. Bento is an iOS exclusive application.

Should I replace Todoist for Bento?

No. If Todoist works for you, stay with it. Bento is more for priority focusing. Meaning this can be used alongside Todoist, or it can be blended into Todoist itself.

Does order of tasks matter?

Yes, the flow of your tasks will help you as everyone works differently. If you are someone who is a morning person, hitting the hardest task first might help you perform better there. If you're someone who peaks in the afternoon, then setting your task to later on might warm you into the task for the day. This is built from concepts from Eat That Frog and Deep Work flows by Cal Newport.

Why is Bento called "Do-Less To-Do List"?

The goal is to do less, but more meaningful work. This is the objective of Bento. So setting less, higher quality tasks versus more tasks, at lower quality or intensity.

Bento: Priority Tasks

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