Google Tasks

Google Tasks

What is Google Tasks?

Google Tasks is a simple and straightforward task management application that helps users create and manage to-do lists.

The app allows users to create tasks, assign due dates and priorities, add notes, and mark tasks as complete. Google Tasks is designed to be minimalist and user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to add, edit, and view tasks.

Users can access Google Tasks on various devices and platforms, including web browsers, Android devices, and iOS devices, and can sync their tasks across devices using their Google accounts.

While Google Tasks is not as feature-rich as some other task management apps, it is a great option for users who want a lightweight and easy-to-use app for managing simple to-do lists.

Key Features of Google Tasks

These are the key features of Google Tasks

  • Users can create tasks with due dates, notes, and subtasks.
  • The app features a clean and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Google Tasks is integrated with other Google apps, such as Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • The app is available on the web, as well as on Android and iOS devices.
  • Tasks can be synced across devices using a user's Google account.
  • Users can set reminders for tasks, either by time or location.
  • Users can drag and drop tasks to reorder them and organize them into lists.
  • Users can share tasks and lists with others, allowing for collaboration and teamwork.
  • Google Tasks is accessible to visually impaired users, with support for screen readers and high contrast mode.

Google Tasks Integration with Gmail

Google Tasks is integrated with several other Google apps, allowing users to access their tasks and to-do lists across different platforms and services.

You can use Google Tasks alongside Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Google Assist.

The integration between Google Tasks and other Google apps makes it easy for users to access their tasks and to-do lists from different platforms and services and can help users stay organised and productive across all their devices.

Best Suited For

Google Tasks is great for those already using other Google apps and tools, this causes a seamless integration into the Google workspace.


By allowing users to create and manage multiple to-do lists, Google Tasks can help users stay organised and focused on their goals.


Google Tasks can help users be more productive by providing a simple and effective way to manage tasks and stay on top of deadlines.

Easy to Use

Google Tasks is an easy-to-use application, those already in the Google workspace can quickly adapt and effectively manage tasks.

Google Tasks: Light Task Management

Understanding Google Tasks

Is Google Tasks free?

Yes, if you have a Google account you will get Google Tasks as part of that, you do not need to upgrade to Google Workspace.

Is Google Tasks any good?

Yes and no. It presents a much lighter-weight option than say Todoist, but offers a great simple, yet close to Google/Gmail experience for those who want a basic experience with task management.

Can you connect Gmail tasks to Google Tasks?

Yes, in the web version. If you are logged into Gmail you can drag an email and place it into a Google Tasks list. It will then allow you to add task details, sub-tasks and add to a new list, if you wish to move it - allowing you a backlink the original email tagged.

Google Tasks or Microsoft To-Do?

These two are similar, but Google Tasks lacks the abilities that Microsoft To-Do offers when it comes to collaborating on lists together with others. Google Tasks is much more lightweight in nature, than Microsoft To-Do formerly Wunderlist.

Is Google Tasks dead?

Not yet. Google have yet to kill off Google Tasks and it lives within Google sidebar of tools in Google Drive, Gmail and more. Also Google Tasks has an iOS and Android app.

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