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What is Tasks?

Tasks is such a classic name for a to-do list application. We can't blame the developer for thinking simply, Tasks presents a clean design and way to manage tasks & projects in one.

This app presents the basics for task management very well - with all you need for managing your to-do list in a clean and simple design.

Developed by Mustafa Yusuf, this application is available only on iOS and macOS but comes with a really high rating of 4.7 for an app, this is good.

Key Features inside Tasks?

Let's zoom into Tasks best features and what it offers:

  • Managing projects in folders
  • Sub-tasks and tasks can be added to folders too
  • Sub-tasks help you to break down a project or task further
  • Manage your tasks in Kanban view for planning ahead with status
  • Tags help you organize your tasks further
  • Attached PDFs and add comments
  • Uses iCloud sync for better sync management

Who is Tasks best for?

Tasks is a solid option for iOS and macOS lovers who want a simple natured experience. This isn't apps like Todoist and TickTick, this is an independently developed tool that is built more for the platform that being specific to all.

Tasks is an all-round task and project management app for solo users, but also has collaborative abilities too for collaborating on tasks.

Clean Design

The design is very good with Tasks allowing for a clean and simple experience for managing those tasks, projects and even habits too.

Project Management

There is lightweight abilities to manage projects inside of Tasks, allowing you to plot and plan tasks in a Kanban view and week view too, even month format too.

Dark Mode

Tasks is well-designed and simple and it comes with what many people love. Dark Mode. A clean dark mode for nighttime modes, even through you shouldn't be working.

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