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Actions by Moleskine Review

Detailed Review of Actions by Moleskine: Best Features, Pricing & More

Actions by Moleskine is a task management app with calendar and productivity booting abilities for users to plan and organise their time.

Actions by Moleskine review for task management app.

What is Moleskine Actions?

Moleskine Actions is an all-in-one task management, calendar, and productivity platform. It helps people plan, organize, and prioritize their tasks so they can accomplish more in less time. It also offers a suite of tools to help users stay on track and motivated.

With Actions, users can break down projects into smaller goals and tasks, set deadlines, and get reminders when tasks need to be done. Additionally, users can track their progress, share their work with others, and connect with their team members.

Best Features of Moleskine Actions

These are some key features of Actions by Moleskine.

  • Create to-dos and store them into lists
  • Bring to life your lists with colourful options
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop features
  • Offers feature such as reminders, tagging, folders, and automatic sorting
  • Automatically backs up notes and tasks to ensure that you never lose any data

Is Moleskine Actions any good?

Actions by Moleskine is best suited for anyone looking for a simple place to manage their tasks, repeat events and even write organised lists.

Lists can be viewed and organised as cards, making them easy to manage and complete. If you want or need to share information with others you can also easily do this with Actions by Moleskine.


Actions by Moleskine has a very simple interface making this application a great place to focus, manage tasks and write to-dos.


You can customise the layout and colour options of this application to suit your needs.

Get Things Done

Set certain tasks to urgent to ensure you get things done, and complete all important tasks for the day.

Moleskine Actions: A Lightweight Task Management App

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What is Moleskine Studio?

Moleskine develop notebooks. They have been for 20+ years and create premium quality notebooks that be bought around the globe, they more recently entered the technology space with the introduction of Timepage, Actions and Flow as their "suite" of tools.

Can Moleskine Actions replace Todoist?

Moleskine Actions is a beautiful, but lightweight task management application, so it won't be a great one to fully replace the more feature heavy Todoist app for to-do list management, but it will be a good visual and practical upgrade if you're moving from something like Google Tasks or Microsoft To-Do.

Can I create basic lists in Moleskine Actions?

Yes, you can create basic lists and customise the colour and order of your list. You can even do this on the web version too making it easier to manage grocery lists and managing them on the mobile Moleskine Actions app too, which is well designed.

Where can I download Moleskine Actions?

You can get it on mobile, both iOS and Android. Moleskine Actions is also on web too, meaning you can get a simple desktop like experience for managing lists there too.

Does Moleskine Actions work with Moleskine Timepage?

Yes, you can see calendar events in your lists or your upcoming tasks in Moleskine Actions, this is perfect on mobile as you can jump between apps to see more calendar event details in Moleskine Timepage.

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