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A comprehensive note-taking application that offers a wide range of features and customisation options for digital note-taking. Popular with student note-takers.

What is Noteshelf?

Noteshelf is a note-taking application designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It allows users to create and organise handwritten notes, typed notes, sketches, diagrams, and other types of content in a digital notebook format.

Noteshelf offers a variety of customisation options, including the ability to choose from a range of paper styles and colours, customise the cover of the notebook, and use various pens, highlighters, and colours to create notes.

Noteshelf App - iPad App

The app also supports the use of stylus pens for handwriting and includes features such as handwriting recognition, text conversion, and the ability to insert images and audio recordings into notes.

Users can organise their notes into different notebooks and folders, and can easily search for specific notes using keywords or tags. Noteshelf supports integration with popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, allowing users to easily sync their notes across multiple devices.

Best Features of Noteshelf

These are the key features of Noteshelf - unpacked by us:

1. Digital Notebooks

Noteshelf allows users to create as many digital notebooks as they want for different kinds of note-taking, drawing, brainstorming and more. When you create a new notebook you can customise the cover and the type of paper you are writing on.

The beauty of this is by creating multiple notebooks you can create an organised space for specific notes, journals and thoughts. Making it easier to add notes into the right space you can look back on in the future.

There are also tons of free templates to help you create digital note-books with structure right away. For example, you can create a daily plan notebook, a bullet journal notebook or even a study planner.

PDF Annotation Noteshelf

2. Handwritten Notes

With Noteshelf you can create handwritten notes, or use the keyboard to type notes. You can choose from different pen styles such as ballpoint pens and fountain pens. You can then choose a different size of pen and colour of ink.

You can then use other tools like an eraser to rub out handwriting or drawings. There is also a highlighter pen, great for studying and analysing documents that you have imported into Noteshelf.

3. Sync and Search and Organise Notes

Noteshelf allows you to sync notes across multiple devices using cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive. This makes it easy to access notes and share notes with others.

Within Noteshelf you can also search for notes and notebooks easily, you can also see all notes with photos, recordings and bookmarked notes in the sidebar. To further organise notes you can add tags and find these tags in the sidebar also.

More Noteshelf Features

  • Includes handwriting recognition and text conversion.
  • Insert images and audio recordings into notes.
  • Search for specific notes using keywords or tags.
  • Export notes in various formats, including PDF, image, and text.
  • Record audio during note-taking.
  • Add hyperlinks, bookmarks, and tags to notes for better organization.
  • Password-protect notebooks for enhanced privacy and security.

Noteshelf Pricing

Let's take a look at how much Noteshelf costs.

How Much Does Noteshelf Cost?

There are two options for Noteshelf, free and a one-time purchase option.

  • Free - You get three notebooks and unlimited pages to write in. You can also receive 30 monthly credits for Noteshelf AI and text.
  • One Time = $9.99 - You get everything in the Free version, but also unlimited notebooks, configurable digital diaries and 100 monthly credits for Noteshelf AI. You also get handwriting recognition when searching for notes.

Our Verdict of Noteshelf

Noteshelf is a great app for those who love taking notes more visually.

Noteshelf Note Annotation

Students enjoy this application and the ability to create notes that help their learning. Furthermore, being able to sync your notes across devices means they'll always be at hand. Another feature students love is the ability to record audio with notes too.

Overall, we think Noteshelf is a really great app to replace other tools and it has a great organisation system.

Noteshelf Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Noteshelf.

  • GoodNotes - An advanced and popular note-taking app with notebooks.
  • Notability - Another easy-to-use note-taking application for studying.

Who is Noteshelf Best For?

Noteshelf is for those who want to organise notes into notebooks and use digital space to create notes for whatever they want. You can create a space for journaling, brainstorming, planning, lists and all general note-taking.

Noteshelf is also a great alternative for apps such as Goodnotes, you can still create notebooks and different spaces for types of notes, but you can also add quick notes to organise later.

Overall, if you are looking for a simpler, and free tool, Noteshelf is a good app to try out.

Feature Packed

Noteshelf has a wide range of features to create an enjoyable and efficient note-taking experience including; templates, audio recordings and images.

Digital Notes

No need for paper, Noteshelf provides a place to create and share digital notes on your devices. You can type, draw, include audio and more.


Noteshelf makes it easy to write and organise notes all in one place. Anyone can get started with Noteshelf.

Is Noteshelf Better Than Goodnotes?

Both Noteshelf and Goodnotes are great tools for creating digital notebooks. It depends on your preference. Goodnotes is more expensive but it also contains tons of features and abilities.

Noteshelf provides a good free version of the app and the one-time-only price is not too bad. Reviewers have also stated that Noteshelf is easier to navigate and use, especially when it comes to searching for notes and organising notes.

Is Noteshelf Free?

You can use Noteshelf for free with up to three notebooks and unlimited pages. You can then upgrade with a one-time purchase fee of $9.99 to unlock Noteshelf's full potential.

Is Noteshelf Better Than Notability?

Noteshelf and Notability both present great digital notebook apps. Students love the use of Notability to help with lectures, taking notes, studying and analysing papers and so on. The difference isn't too wide other than Noteshefl provides a simpler and easier place to take notes and organise notebooks.

Understanding Noteshelf

Questions about Noteshelf

Does Noteshelf sync with any apps?

Noteshelf connects to tools like Evernote, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and even iCloud allowing for better collaboration between those apps.

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