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GoodNotes wants to manage your notes visually with handwriting notes and a popular amongst Apple users with Apple Pencils and iPads.

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What is GoodNotes?

GoodNotes is a digital note-taking app that allows you to handwrite or type notes on a virtual paper using Apple Pencil on iPad, or other iOS devices. It offers an intuitive and distraction-free environment to take organised notes for work, study or personal use.

GoodNotes is a little like Apple Freeform, however, it offers natural handwriting and organising, whereas Apple Freeform provides a freeform canvas for open-ended notes.

GoodNotes Features

These are some features of GoodNotes:

  • Support for different note-taking styles (handwriting, typing, drawing, annotating PDFs)
  • Ability to organize notes into notebooks and folders
  • Customizable paper types, cover designs, and pen colours
  • Handwriting recognition and text search for easy note retrieval
  • Option to import and export notes
  • Wide range of annotation tools, including highlighters, shapes, and images
  • Ability to sync across devices using iCloud
  • Customizable templates for different note-taking needs (e.g. lined, grid, blank)
  • Integration with Apple Pencil and other stylus pens
  • Password protection and data backup options for security
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive features for seamless note-taking

Best Suited For?

GoodNotes is amazing for personal use.

Students love using this application to help with their studies, exams, lectures and everything they need. You have the ability to create any kind of document using whatever visual methods of note-taking you enjoy.

Creatives enjoy the visual and experimental abilities for taking notes too.

Handwriting Abilities

Use the Apple Pencil to write and draw. You can also always find what you are looking for thanks to handwriting recognition and OCR technology.


Back up and save your documents and PDFs to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.


Invite others to collaborate inside Goodnotes, or simply share documents and PDFs with others.

Handwriting in GoodNotes

Landscape iPad, GoodNotes 6, Notes for iPad

Whether you prefer to handwrite, type, draw, or annotate PDFs, GoodNotes provides a range of tools and customization options to make note-taking seamless and personalized.

The app also allows for easy organization and retrieval of notes and offers features such as handwriting recognition and text search to improve productivity.

Overall, the app's ability to adapt to different user needs and preferences makes it a standout choice for digital note-taking.

Understanding GoodNotes

Your questions, answered!

Do I need an Apple pencil for GoodNotes?

Yes and no. It will work without, but the optimisation of GoodNotes is using it with an Apple Pencil and iPad.

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