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Detailed Review of Standard Notes: Best Features, Pricing & More

Standard Notes is a secure note-taking application which is focused on making notes E2E encrypted and managing them in a secure place. Let's explore Standard Notes.

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What is Standard Notes?

Standard is a note-taking application with a difference. Security and privacy are at the heart of Standard Notes. It encrypts all your notes so that only you can access them and doesn't collect any data about you. Standard Notes is also open source, meaning anyone can review the code and contribute to the project.

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Overall, Standards Notes is a very lightweight note-taking application for users to store all information in a secure, easy-to-use note-taking space. Users can then export notes, use passwords to protect individual notes and send notes to others with passwords to access notes.

Best Features of Standard Notes

Here are some of the best features of Standard Notes for private note-taking.

1. Encrypted Note Taking

Standard Notes is best known for its private note-taking space and encrypted notes. This means if you use Standard Notes for all your thoughts, ideas and plans, you know they are safe and only you can access them.

Use two-factor authentication to protect your notes on whichever device you use to login. You can also set up passwords, FaceID and fingerprint locking to further protect notes when using a device to make or look at notes.

Finally, you can easily export all your notes if you decide to move them elsewhere or create your backup. This moves notes to a text-only file, which you can later import to another notes app, or keep safe.

2. Organisation

Standard Notes is often used for storing all kinds of information in a vault-type note-taking app. It's so secure you can keep notes about your medical history, finances, account details and much more organised in this space.

When writing notes you can identify them with tags, these tags then create nested folders for your notes to live inside of. This makes it easier to search all notes within the same topic, allowing you to find information quickly.

Along with folders, tags and automated nested folders, you can also use different themes to suit your own needs for note-taking. Choose from different colours to change the background and main colour.

3. Light-Weight Notes

Overall, Standard Notes presents itself as a lightweight note app. It uses open source so anyone can contribute code to their note-taking methods, this makes it easy to create a note space catered to you. It also means Stanard Notes itself doesn't need to be so feature-heavy since its focus is on privacy and secure space for text-based note-taking.

A heavy-weight note-taking app may be something with lots of features for integrations, add-ons, videos, links, location and much more. Standard Notes just gives you the option to write notes in rich text, markdown, plain tasks, a to-do list and some more.

Standard Notes Pricing

Let's take a look at how much Standard Notes costs.

How Much Does Standard Notes Cost?

Standard Notes offers both a free and paid plan. The free plan includes unlimited notes, tags, and sync across all your devices.

The paid plan, Extended, costs $9.99/month or $99/year and includes additional features such as file attachments, note history, and custom themes.

Get a Discount on Standard Notes

Use the code TF20 if you like Standard Notes for 20% off your subscription.

Standard Notes Verdict

Standard Notes is great for managing your notes in a secure environment.

This is a handy note-taker for those who want a secure, concise and open-source note-taking app with advanced markdown abilities, community plugins and more. Standard Notes are also opinionated about what they believe to be important regarding note-taking privacy.

Standard Notes Alternatives

The best Standard Notes alternatives are ones that focus on secure notes and there aren't many of these types of applications on the market, here's the closest options:

  • Notesnook - probably the best Standard Notes alternative to explore

Who is Standard Notes For?

Standard Notes is for those who want a secure note-taking tool to hold all of their information, from instant ideas to private information such as bank account details, medical history, family secrets and so on.

So, if you are someone who wants to ditch the paperwork and hold all key information in a safe space to easily access yourself via passwords and authentication, Standard Notes may be worth checking out.


Standard focuses on enhanced security including note level protection like passcodes, Face ID and E2E


This note-taking app offers some creative themes to customise the look of your notes experience and plenty of community themes


Standard is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows and even Web - making it a really open option for all devices.

Other Standard Notes Powers

  • Longevity - the long-term mission of Standard Notes is to provide a secure, private, and customizable note-taking experience for users. By focusing on privacy and security, Standard Notes aims to be a trusted alternative to other note-taking apps that collect user data.
  • Extensions - Other extensions include a spreadsheet editor, a task manager, and a presentation editor. With these extensions, you can tailor Standard Notes to your specific needs.
  • Pricing - The extended plan for Standard Notes also includes access to a variety of extensions. These extensions allow you to further customize your note-taking experience. For example, you can use the Markdown Pro extension to write notes in Markdown format, or the Code Editor extension to write code snippets.

Is Standard Notes Any Good?

Standard Notes does provide a great place for writing notes in a range of formats in a private and secure app. You can choose to write in markdown, rich text, code and much more. Providing a real simple and light-weight note taking tool.

Questions about Standard

Your questions answered

What is your security policy with Standard Notes?

Standard Notes are on a mission to protect your data. With E2E encryption, advanced security add-ons and privacy controls. According to Standard Notes they protect your notes and files with 4x audited industry-leading end-to-end encryption which is better than the average note-taking apps.

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