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What is Moleskine Flow?

Moleskine Flow is a digital note-taking and sketching app developed by the Italian company Moleskine. Its one of the three applications available inside the Moleskine Suite of apps.

It provides a platform for users to create and organise digital notebooks, allowing them to take notes, draw, sketch, and annotate.

The app offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of customisable digital brushes and tools, aiming to provide a natural and intuitive drawing experience. Moleskine Flow supports importing images and PDF files, as well as synchronisation across multiple devices for seamless access to notes and sketches.

Key Features of Moleskine Flow

These are the key features of Moleskine Flow.

  • Digital note-taking and sketching app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Natural drawing experience
  • Customisable digital brushes and tools
  • Creation and organisation of digital notebooks
  • Different paper types (plain, lined, grid)
  • Importing images and PDF files for annotation
  • Export options for saving and sharing work
  • Cloud synchronisation across devices
  • Integration with other platforms/services (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • Use alongside the other Moleskine Suite apps.

The Moleskine Suite of Apps

So what is the Moleskine Suite we keep talking about? Download three of the Moleskine Suite apps to create a workflow of organisation, planning and creativity combined. The things you need to perform well in every day life.

You can download each Moleskine app seperately, or all three as a bundle. The other apps inside the bundle are:

All applications can be purchased together for a yearly price of around $25 or $2 each per month (prices may vary).

You can of course carry out a free trial to test the applications before commiting to purchasing.

Is Moleskine Flow a Good Choice For Me?

Moleskine Flow is a good application for those wanting to unleash a little more creativity. Sometimes it is nicer to draw and write your notes rather then typing in the same old application.

Students find Moleskine Flow useful for creating digital notes to assit with their learning. You can also share your drawings and notes with others.

User Friendly

Moleskine Flow is an easy drawing application to get started with.

Natural Drawing Experience

Moleskine Flow provides an easy and seamless drawing and note taking space for users of the Moleskine Suite apps.


Moleskine Flow is also used for creative note taking and drawing.

Exploring Moleskine Flow

Moleskine Flow: The Moleskine Suite of Apps

Is Moleskine Flow like Apple Freeform?

In terms of being an application for drawing an creativity, yes, but for collaboration, Apple Freeform has better and more features for this than Moleskine Flow. This app is better for personal drawing and notes, which can be downloaded and shared.

What other Moleskine apps are in the Moleskine Suite?

Theres three apps inside the Moleskine Suite bundle.

You get Moleskine Timepage - A calendar app, Moleksine Actions - A to-do app and Molekine Flow - For drawing and notes.

Do I need all three Moleskine Suite apps

It depends what you need, and how you work. Those who use all three apps together can create a workflow to fulfil the needs of planning, organisation and creativity at the same time.

Can I export my work from Moleskine Flow?

Yes, Moleskine Flow offers export options. You can save your work in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF. Additionally, you can share your creations through email or other compatible apps installed on your device.

Can I integrate Moleskine Flow with other platforms or services?

Yes, Moleskine Flow offers integration with other platforms and services. For example, it integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, enabling you to transfer your work to other Adobe applications for further editing or collaboration.

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