5 Best Study Timer Apps for Students in 2024

Best Study Timer Apps

Interested in hunting for a study timer app? You've come to the right place, there's plenty of timer apps and Pomodoro timers too that can be helpful, but these are more general timers that provide a wide range of features that can be used in all scenarios in the realm of study - some for on the go, some for more fun timer sessions & some for career growing abilities that will help you into the world of work.

Let's first explore what is the recipe to finding a golden study app for you.

What makes a good study timer?

There's many elements that make a super study timer for students, these are ours:

  • Task Picker: You want to focus in on a task and most of the study timers bring that feature to the table and introduce a way to pick a task and focus on it with a timer.
  • Unique Element: All of the study timers we've picked have a unique element about them that makes them special like Forest with the game-centric feel to the app. Toggl Track with the more intense abilities great for more serious timer trackers.

Let's go over the best study timers now in more detail:

5 Best Study Timers for Students in 2024

  • 1. Session - One of the best all-round timers for study with details analytics
  • 2. Forest - A fun approachable timer which gamifies the study timer experience
  • 3. Focused Work - Great mobile study time for managing new timers
  • 4. Toggl Track - More serious timer with project breakdowns and tags
  • 5. Llama Life - A chrome extension with a helpful interactive timer & routine function

Let's unpack the best study timer apps out there:

1. Session

Best All Round Study Timer App

Session Timer, Pomodoro App, SetApp, Timer App
  • Pricing: Free with 2-days analytics
  • Best Timer Feature: Analytics & Notes
  • Where to download: iOS, macOS or on SetApp (linked below)

Why Session makes for a great study timer app?

Session is an all-round timer app that many people love but it can work wonders for study timers too. Bringing a clean, minimal design that is loved by many users, Session will allow you to set a target, choose a list and start your timer. One of the best features in Session is the notes that you can take as you go and the mood it tracks at the end of each session.

Another much loved feature students will like is the analytics that allow you to see more details into the sessions you've had. This is one of the features that people love but in the free plan you are limited to 2-days worth of analytics. To unlock the whole plan, we'd recommend checking out SetApp as for students it is 50% off and combines 240+ apps (Session being one of them) into the subscription, ideal for saving money.

2. Forest

Best Fun Study Timer

Forest App Screens
  • Pricing: $3.99 one-off
  • Best Timer Feature: Rooms
  • Where to download: iOS or Android

Is Forest App the best study timer app?

Forest app is a much loved timer application used by millions of students worldwide. Why you ask? Well, people love that Forest makes it fun. Grow a tree with each timer you start and if you exit the app, or leave it, the tree dies. This gives you a bit of risk when leaving the app to answer a WhatsApp message or Snapchat, ideal for putting the pressure on.

There's a feature in Forest called rooms that allow you to create a room code and all work on a study session at once, perfect for hiding away people's phones when doing group coursework, or even just focusing on a presentation preparation.

3. Focused Work

Best Mobile Study Timer

Track focus goals with Focused Work timer app.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Best Timer Feature: Pomodoro Mode
  • Where to download: iOS, macOS

Is Focused Work a good study timer app?

Focused Work sounds a big serious in the title but it can easily be used as your study timer app and allow you to make on the go timer sessions easy. You can set a timer, on either regular mode or on Pomodoro mode, perfect for newbies to the system.

If you upgrade to the pro account, you will also get the wonderful daily goals abilities which help you aim towards targets when you're working on your timer sessions.

4. Toggl Track

Best Professional Grade Study Timer

Toggl time tracking app for working from home productivity.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Best Timer Feature: Project Tracking
  • Where to download: Chrome, iOS, Android, Web

Why is Toggl Track one of the better work timers?

Toggl Track is used as a popular work timer app and now is being adopted by many students thanks to the abilities it has with using tags and projects.

Toggl Track works great on Chrome, web and on devices too - but students love that you can keep track of all the projects you're working on - which could be good for those students that are working maybe remotely for a company, or doing work experience in an company in their spare time. Toggl Track will make you feel professional and give you a professional experience too.

5. Llama Life

Best Chrome Extension Study Timer

Llama Life, 3 Screens, Timer and Tasks, ADHD Task App
  • Pricing: $39 per year
  • Best Timer Feature: Presets
  • Where to download: Chrome

Why Llama Life is a good timer app?

Fun and easy to get started, Llama Life is an independently developed application that comes with a way to bring together your to-do list, set presets for routines or routine tasks, and get started with a fun time all on Chrome new tab.

People tend to gravitate towards Llama Life as it adapts well those with ADHD who want an application that speaks to the to-do and timer management of your tasks. For many students with ADHD this could be super appealing.

Let's first finally look at the benefits of using a study timer:

Benefits of a Study Timer App

Here's what we think makes an impact when using a timer app for study:

  • Focused Sessions: Work gets completed in these sessions as they give you stints of time with breaks that allow you to take time away and refresh before coming back. You will notice a good uptick in output with a timer app for your studies.
  • Practices No Phone Time: Like Forest app, they want you to get away from your phone. When you're focusing on study sessions, this is perfect practice of no phone and helps prepare you for the outside world. A great practice for your lifestyle & career.

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