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Toggl time tracking software for managing teams and workload.

What is Toggl Track?

Toggl is a simple time-tracking tool that lives on your desktop or mobile to help you track the time spent on tasks. You can also use a Pomodoro timer with break reminders.

Toggl is an easy app to use to help you track the time you spend on tasks and websites to create a better idea of how you spend time especially when working from home.

Overall, Toggl Track is a tool for tracking when and where you spend your time to give you a better idea of how you manage your work, and how your team manages their work.

Key Features of Toggl Track

Here are some key features of Toggl for tracking your time and tasks:

  • Works in offline mode.
  • Use it for free on your desktop.
  • Idle detection for tracking inactive time.
  • Set reminders for tasks and tracking time.
  • Use as a Pomodoro timer.
  • The timeline feature shows how long you have spent on websites.
  • Use Dark mode to ease eye strain.

Who is Toggl Track Best Suited For?

Toggl can be used for teams or for individuals who want to manage their own time. When using Toggl for teams you can also track and see their own time spent on tasks to get a better overview of how fast projects are moving.

Toggl isn't too hard to navigate and get used to, so anyone can use it, especially with the free version. The price of Toggl to upgrade is quite expensive per month, but could be worth it when expanding a team.

Offline Time Tracking

Use Toggl Track offline and have your information updated when you connect back to the internet.

Idle Detection

When you haven't been online or working for a period of time, Toggl will let you know.

Manage Tasks

Manage your tasks and team inside one space with time blocking and setting reminders for tracking time.

Toggl Track

Toggl Time Tracker Questions and Answers

Is my data safe with Toggl Track?

Toggl Track takes data security seriously and employs measures like encryption and regular backups to protect user data.

Can I edit time entries?

Yes, you can edit time entries to correct mistakes or add missing details. You can also add notes or change the project associated with a time entry.

Can I integrate Toggl Track with other tools?

Yes, Toggl Track offers integrations with various project management, communication, and productivity tools such as Trello, Asana, Slack, and Google Calendar.

Is Toggl Track suitable for teams?

Yes, Toggl Track offers features for team collaboration, including the ability to create shared projects, track team member activities, and generate reports to analyse team performance.

How do I start tracking time?

To start tracking time, log in to your Toggl Track account, select a project or task, and click the "Start" button on the timer. When you're done, click "Stop." You can also manually enter time entries.

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