A game-like timer app for focusing on work by not picking up your phone - this is a super popular productivity app for students.

What's good about Forest

What's good

  • Game-Like
  • Timer Options
  • Real Trees
What's not good about Forest

What's not good

  • Lightweight

Forest Key Features

Forest Key feature #1


Like Habitica, Forest takes inspiration from a game-like thinking. Forest is a true way to gamify your productivity timers.

Forest Key feature #2

Timer Options

You can change the timer to best suit your focus timer and breaks - so you don't have to kill trees you create due to strict rules.

Forest Key feature #3

Real Trees

The company pay for real trees to be grown by external charities for your use of the app.

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Understanding Forest

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Developed by ShaoKan Pi and released on March 15, 2016.

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