Forest App wants to gamify your study timer sessions with a tree-building focus.

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Forest wants to be your place for focus by using a playful way to stop using your phone. It's a fun place to help improve focus to get more done.

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What is Forest App?

Forest app wants to be your study buddy by giving you a timer with a twist. You start a timer inside of the Forest App and then you start growing a virtual tree.

That tree grows as long as the timer keeps running and the app opens. Suppose you exit, game over. That tree dies.

Forest App Concept Explained

Forest app is a smart concept and works as a great study timer as it helps people to reduce phone use during those focus sessions which works like a gem for those who struggle or procrastinate on their phones when trying to focus. Not just for students, but very popular with them, Forest can be used by anyone.

Best Features of Forest App

Here are some of the best features for getting started with Forest:

1. Focus Timer

Create a focus timer to set the right amount of time you want to be focused with no distractions on your task. once you set the timer you cannot use your phone or interrupt your focus, if you do the timer will stop and the tree you are growing, will not grow.

Every time you complete a focus timer you will grow another tree or plan and then eventually create your forest.

2. Grow Virtual Trees

Forest works by using trees as motivation to stick to a focus timer and to build better focus habits. The app has over 90 different species of trees you can grow in your virtual forest, you can also donate once you have completed a timer to grow a tree in real life.

This adds to the gamified aspect of the game, it's fun to see your progress in a visual and fun way such as growing your forest and not wanting the trees to die before the timer runs out. You can also share your forest with others to see and to compete with friends and family.

3. Statistics

Along with timers and virtual trees, you can view your focus stats to help you better understand the way you work and create a routine for focus.

You can see the weekly, monthly and yearly forest of trees you have grown from completing focus time. You can also use your Apple Health app to track focus time to use these stats elsewhere on other apps and tools.

Overall, by seeing stats and how you have focused, how your family and friends have focused just gives you another layer of motivation and a sense of achievement.

Forest App Pricing

Let's take a look at how much the Forest App costs to use.

How Much Does Forest App Cost?

To use the full features of the Forest app you will have to pay a price of $3.99 per month. by unlocking the Forest app you can then track time spent on social media, see more stats and further your focus with fewer distractions.

Forest App Verdict

Forest app is a great app for focusing and getting things done. It's nice to have a gamified app with something virtual to achieve to act as motivation to get the work done.

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Best Alternatives of the Forest App

There are alternatives like Focused Work and Session that work well as timers.

Who is Forest App Best For?

Forest App is best for those who struggle with focusing on their tasks and need a better way to improve focus to get more done.

Using a gamified app gives more motivation to spend time focusing and doing the work. It's also probably better for anyone who wants to pay for an app such as this since there are other free tools for focus.

What is The Forest App Used For?

The Forest App is best used for being able to focus on your tasks, and not being distracted by your phone. Every time you set a timer for focus a tree will begin to grow, if you then disrupt this your tree will die and of course, you will have lost focus on your task.

Does Forest App Really Plant Trees?

In the app you can spend coins to plant trees in real life, but is this true? The answer is yes. Forest is teamed with Trees for the Future which is a real-life tree planting organisation. When coins are spent, they are donated and go towards planting real trees.

What's The Difference Between Forest and The Pomodoro Method?

First of all the Pomodoro method is where you set a timer for around twenty minutes to focus, take a break, and then repeat. It's a good way to focus and to avoid burnout. Forest App allows you to use the Pomodoro method, it just adds a fun way to ficus by planting trees and showing stats.

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