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Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a note-taking that comes with all iOS and macOS devices for notes.

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Apple Notes Review (2024)

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Apple Notes wants to be the home for your notes online and the access on iOS and macOS devices make life easier for taking notes on the go and quickly.

You can create notes inside Apple Notes on iOS for free, it's a simple and easy note-taking tool for all Apple users.

What is Apple Notes?

Apple Notes is a built-in note-taking tool for all Apple users on iOS, iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

What does Apple Notes do?

Apple Notes is a digital note-taking application developed by the giant Apple. It allows users to create, organize, and manage notes, as well as add attachments such as photos, videos, and drawings.

Apple Notes is available on all Apple devices and provides a simple and intuitive interface, cross-device compatibility, and security features to ensure user privacy. It won't give you Evernote-level abilities, but a good base.

Users can also collaborate with others by sharing notes and folders.

Best Features of Apple Notes

These are the key features of Apple Notes and how it works:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Create and manage notes
  • Attach photos, videos, sketches, and more
  • Cross-device compatibility and syncing with iCloud
  • Organization tools such as folders, tags, and search function
  • Collaboration features for sharing notes and folders
  • Encryption of all notes and attachments for security and privacy
  • Rich text editing capabilities including formatting, checklists, and tables
  • Ability to add links, maps, and other media to notes
  • Ability to scan documents and add them as notes
  • Use of Siri to create new notes or append to existing ones.

One of the ways to make Apple Notes better is to optimise them, here's some great advice from YouTuber Brandon Butch:

Verdict: Who is Apple Notes Best Suited For?

Apple notes are best suited for anyone already using Apple devices. It's easy to learn, and even easier to take and organize notes.

Don't expect the world from it, but it will serve you as a simple, yet effective note-taking application if you're bought into the Apple ecosystem.

It's a great all-round note-taking, to-do writing application, for anyone to use.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

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Apple Notes: Your Queries

Understanding Apple Notes further

Is Apple Notes Free?

Yes. If you buy an Apple device - iOS or macOS, you will get it free.

Can you use grids and line in Apple Notes?

Inside of a note, you can apply guides and a range of lines too. This will give you more of a page-like structure with better ways to write, especially on iPads.

How do I use folders in Apple notes?

Folders can be created for each of your notes to add into, you can even go further for notes that all have the same tag to be automatically sorted using "smart folders" - a perfect add-on in Apple Notes.