Acreom is a personal knowledge management tool using markdown in plain text.

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Acreom note-taking tool for second brain personal knowledge management.

What is Acreom?

Acreom is a markdown knowledge-based tool for creating notes, tasks, and projects and managing your time with integrated calendars. You can use Acreom as a second brain system to manage notes, thoughts and ideas in a secure, customisable space.

Acreom allows you to add tasks, subtasks, brain dump and create an agenda for each day. It also allows developers to use code blocks to customise and create their own workflows.

Best Features of Acreom

Acreom is a smart knowledge-based system for all notes, tasks and code.

  • A mixture of markdown and tasks allows you to use any markdown page for planning and tracking tasks, with subtasks, time blocking and labels inside.
  • You have full data ownership over your notes thanks to vaults, this is where you can save and secure your notes, even offline.
  • Built-in calendar for time blocking, scheduling and planning tasks, can integrate existing calendars like Google Calendar.
  • Capture ideas with the daily documents and quick keyboard shortcuts for adding notes before scheduling or adding more details.

Who Uses Acreom?

Acreom is a great app for those who want to use code to create their own personal knowledge base for all their thoughts and ideas. It's also great for anyone who wants to manage tasks and notes to create a second brain system. In terms of pricing, you can use this app for free or around £7 per month.

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Acreom Features

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Acreom For Personal Knowledge Management

Can I use Acreom as a second brain?

Yes, Acreom can be used as a PKM or second brain tool since you can add tags to notes and attach pages inside notes. You can also use the search tool to find any information.

Can I use Acreom offline?

Yes, Acreom also works offline and always makes sure your data is secure too.

Do I have to understand code to use Acreom?

No, you don't have to use the code blocks, if you want to change or add different things to your notes, code blocks are an accessible way to do so.

Can you integrate Acreom with other apps?

Yes, Acreom can be used with Jira so you can manage all issues in one place.

Is Acreom hard to use?

Acreom has a very simple and sleek interface, once you have figured out how to create pages and new notes, the rest is straight forward.