An intuitive note taking application with multiple capabilities.

What's good about Notability

What's good

  • Creativity
  • Capture Ideas
  • Flexible
What's not good about Notability

What's not good

  • Limited Devices

Notability Key Features

Notability Key feature #1


Unleash your creativity with Notability with its many ways to take notes. Write with an Apple Pencil, record voice notes, or type.

Notability Key feature #2

Capture Ideas

Notability provides a free space to explore and capture any thoughts and ideas you have in whatever format you would prefer.

Notability Key feature #3


Notability can be used for a range of purposes, students enjoy this app for studying, professionals can also use this app for sharing information.

What is Notability?

Notability is a note-taking app that allows you to take handwritten or typed notes, annotate PDFs, and record audio. It also offers features such as shape detection, automatic backup, iCloud syncing, and so much more.

Notability is exclusively an iOS application, available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Due to its simple but powerful toolset, everyone of any age or profession can make use of this app, from teachers to children.

Key Features of Notability

These are some key features of Notability

  • View a hidden note to read from when presenting.
  • Use a pen to create smooth drawings and mark-making.
  • Record audio to later turn into notes, or to remember!
  • Use the Notability Gallery to download others’ note templates or to get inspiration for your own.

Additional Information

Handwriting Recognition

Notability's handwriting recognition feature allows users to convert their handwritten notes into searchable and editable text.

This is useful for users who prefer to write by hand but want to be able to quickly search for specific notes or transfer them to other digital documents.

The handwriting recognition feature in Notability uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse handwriting and convert it to text.

Users can select a portion of their handwritten notes and convert them to text by tapping the "Convert" button. The recognised text appears in a new layer, allowing users to easily edit or delete it as needed.

Best Suited For

Notability is great for all kinds of individuals. Teachers find this application useful for sharing or creating documents for students. Students find this app useful for recording lectures and annotating PDFs.

No matter what you do or why you want to take notes, annotate, record, draw (the list goes on) Notability is a free app and perfect for those starting out with their note-taking journey.

Understanding Notability

Your questions on the note-taking tool

Why yes. Notability offers an audio-capture tool that allows you to connect an audio recording with a note you've created allowing you to make meetings better and lectures easier to remember.

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