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Go beyond with your ideas and bring them into one base for better ideation.

Napkin Notes, Storage View, Graph View - Note-Taking App

What is Napkin?

Napkin is a visual note-taking app and thinking tool designed to give you a space to freely jot down thoughts and ideas as and when they pop up.

Napkin has a straightforward, user-friendly interface, there are no huge learning curves, and all you need to do is type and organise notes later on, or don't organise them at all!

Use the Magical Associations feature to bring up past ideas and notes to further spark inspiration, or remind you of an idea you had in the past. When you type a note, older notes automatically appear on the screen. This really is a fun visual note-taking app because it uses nice little animations too. To organise notes, use tags or assemble linked notes together for easier access.

Best Features in Napkin

These are the key features of Napkin worth exploring:

  • Jot down notes as they come to mind.
  • Take time at the end of the day to organise or explore the ideas you had.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Simple concept for note-taking.
  • Magical Association brings up relevant notes to spark ideas.
  • Organise using tags or assemble into groups.
  • Save web clippings straight to the app.
  • A special mix of past notes is created each day.
  • Ideas are connected together.

Is Napkin Right For Me?

Napkin is a really good application for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to jot down their instant thoughts and ideas, in a place where they are seamlessly connected to spark inspiration at any given moment. Napkin is also a wonderful visual note-taking app.

Overall, Napkin is a space for jotting down thoughts and ideas, organising them, and coming back to them later. Store everything and anything on the go using the mobile app and web clipper extension.

Easy Capture

Napkin allows to capture ideas without interrupting your flow. Whether you are on your desktop computer or on your iPhone, send good ideas to Napkin via direct entry, clipping, scanning, or dictation.


Napkin's dynamic interface shows you relevant ideas without searching. Focus on any idea and see relevant ideas around it. It's the easiest way to great AHA-moments

Magical Associations

No need to categorize or sort your ideas. Napkin sees associations between your ideas automatically. You can remove or add tags manually. Napkin learns how you think and builds associations based on your previously assigned tags.

Napkin: Visual Note-Taking

Understanding Napkin Notes further

Who develops Napkin Notes?

Founded by David Felsmann and Fabian Wittel, Napkin LLC is a small, independent organization headquartered in Switzerland. The team is growing, and the first employees are spread across Belgrade, London, Chicago, and Austin.

Obsidian or Napkin?

Whilst both are note-taking applications, these two differ in approach. Napkin Notes offers a more visual approach to notes whilst Obsidian is more structured in a traditional sense of note-taking, Napkin being better for visual thinkers.

Mind Mapping or Napkin Notes?

Mind mapping tools like MindMeister or MindNode offer a more flow-based mind-mapping process capturing a system or flow, whereas Napkin Notes offers a visual note-taking app, a more individual notes system for connecting notes and fanning them out to look at. Napkin Notes is not a mind-mapping application.

Can I save notes on Google Chrome?

With Napkin Notes Chrome extension, you can capture new notes and their source saving them into the idea collecting tool.

What is Magical Associations?

A personalized AI that learns how you think connects all your collected ideas according to your preferences. That means, if you look up one topic, you find all related ideas with joy.

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