An application to simply remember anything and everything - includes tasks, lists, ideas, starred, calendar and much more as part of this newcomer to note-taking apps.

What's good about Twos

What's good

  • Lightweight
  • Task Management
  • Simple Interface
What's not good about Twos

What's not good

  • Overwhelming

Twos Key Features

Twos Key feature #1


The Twos application is very lightweight, there isn't too much to learn and it's super easy to begin writing notes, and tracking to-dos.

Twos Key feature #2

Task Management

Twos allow for easy task management in the form of notes, to-do lists and a weekly view. You can also set reminders and start important notes.

Twos Key feature #3

Simple Interface

Twos is a great app for anyone who wants a sleek and easy system for taking notes and tracking to-dos.

What is Twos?

Twos is a notetaking app that helps you stay organized and productive.

Twos enable you to capture and store notes with ease, also tasks and calendar items too. Think of Twos as a hub for all your notes, tasks and calendar — in more lightweight packaging.

Comparable apps are the likes of Google Keep and Zoho Notebook, although this is more like a condensed, more accessible edition of Noteplan 3.

Key Features of Twos

Key features of Twos app

  • Twosapp allows you to store and manage tasks in a single place
  • You can set recurring tasks and reminders so you don't forget important tasks
  • You can track your progress on tasks and get notified when they're due
  • You can collaborate with team members in real time and assign tasks to each other
  • You can share tasks and resources within the app, so everyone has access to the same information
  • The app is free to use, so you don't have to worry about spending money on it

Best Suited For?

Twos app is great for anyone who wants to keep track of their tasks, to-dos and notes in a simple workspace. You can access the app on the web making it easier to view at any time.

For some, Twos might appear overwhelming as it presents a lot of features hosted in one experience. It does take some learning curve to learn, but many of the community rave about this application as a replacement to tools like Evernote - with less multimedia focus.

Twos: Remember Everything

Exploring Twos for Notes

Yes, they launched this in their most recent April update. Allowing you to get it on Mac (intel/M1) and Windows - even Linux too.

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