For daily reflection and creative journaling experiences. Zinnia Planner presents a hub for your digital planner making it like a bullet journal but on your iPad.

What's good about Zinnia

What's good

  • Versatile
  • Creative
  • Digital Planning
What's not good about Zinnia

What's not good

  • Limited Devices

Zinnia Key Features

Zinnia Key feature #1


Zinnia Digital Journaling App offers a wide range of features that make it suitable for a variety of uses, including journaling, note-taking, sketching, and more.

Zinnia Key feature #2


Zinnia provides a place to unleash your creativity and create a digital journal using added extras like stickers, drawings, and templates.

Zinnia Key feature #3

Digital Planning

The Zinnia Digital Journal allows users to explore their journaling creativity whilst effectively planning events and syncing with their mobile calendar.

What is Zinnia?

Zinnia Digital Journaling App is a mobile application that offers a range of features for digital journaling and note-taking.

It allows users to create and customise their own digital journals, with support for handwritten notes, sketches, and images.

Zinnia Digital Journaling App offers a variety of templates and layouts for different types of content and allows users to personalise their journals with different themes, fonts, and colours.

It also supports handwriting input using the Apple Pencil and other styluses, making it easy to capture handwritten notes and sketches.

Zinnia Digital Journaling App allows users to password-protect their journals and encrypt their data, ensuring their personal information remains secure and private. It also offers cloud syncing across devices, making it easy to access journals and notes from anywhere.

Key Features of Zinnia

These are the key features of the Zinnia digital journaling app.

  • User-friendly interface with a variety of themes, fonts, and colours
  • Support for handwritten notes, sketches, and images
  • Templates and layouts for different types of content
  • Handwriting input using the Apple Pencil and other styluses
  • Password protection and data encryption for privacy and security
  • Cloud syncing across devices for easy access to journals and notes
  • Share journals and notes with others for collaboration and teamwork
  • Variety of export options including PDF, JPG, and PNG
  • Free trial with limited features, and a paid subscription for full access to all features

Is Zinnia Best Suited For Me?

Zinnia is a very immersive and creative journaling experience. If you are someone who enjoys using stickers, labels, images and more when journaling, you may enjoy this application.

However, if you are someone that prefers a much more simple guided journaling experience, you may want to choose a more minimalistic application.

Alternatives include GoodNotes, Notability & even OneNote.

Understanding Zinnia

Questions about Zinnia Planner

Yes. It works well for creating a bullet journal however, remember, like a physical journal - it isn't searchable as opposed to a digital bullet journal apps.

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A note-taking application with range of features and customisation abilities.

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A fantastic, pencil based note-taking application with handwriting abilities.

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A popular with students, visual notes app with tons of iPad pencil abilities.

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