If Pinterest and Google Keep had a baby, it would be MyMind for notes and ideas.

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MyMind is a note-taking app with a visual twist. Capturing notes with images, web bookmarks, and notes like you would on Pinterest - perfect for visual thinkers.

What is mymind?

mymind is a great visual thinking application for capturing notes, images and bookmarks.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

What does mymind do?

It's a personal use tool for essentially writing down all of the thoughts and ideas from your mind into one open space where you can connect ideas, turn ideas into actions and overall create a space to dump all your thoughts collectively.

We always explain MyMind as Pinterest for note-taking, a hub for your ideas presented visually - something some will love, and others might not like that open nature. MyMind is a mix between the likes of Evernote thanks to its note-taking and web clipping abilities, and Pinterest, thanks to its visual abilities with images, themes and aesthetic feel.

It offers a great array of features that are so well crafted as a premium note-taking experience, with good search, sync and multimedia capture.

Who is mymind For?

mymind is for those who want a space dedicated for themselves to save notes, ideas, thoughts and braindumps. The app uses no social media, no collaboration and no adverts, making mymind a truly personal tool for connecting ideas and making sense of your mind.

That being said, mymind is therefore best for anyone who enjoys working in a visual manner and creating beautiful things from their ideas. mymind is like a personal Pinterest, you can search within your own collection of notes and images to see where connections and tags have been made. Similar to tools like Milanote but with a more structured sense.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

Best Features of mymind

Here are some of the best features of mymind for personal note-taking.

1. Visual Note-Taking

mymind is a powerful and very visual note-taking tool. It's more than just lots of words on a page with hashtags and other keys for connecting notes. MyMind allows you to create a visual board with images, videos, links, notes, web clippings and much more.

You can create visual mood boards for personal projects such as writing a new book or designing a fashion brand, you can also create notes for writing daily notes, planning a project or keeping all research notes together.

In addition to the visual abilities, your thoughts and notes can be organised into their own Spaces. Spaces are where all notes are magically curated into a single space, meaning you don't have to search, you can just go into a Space and find all related items.

2. Powerful Search & Automatic Tagging

MyMind has a super powerful search function, kind of turning your MyMind app into your own personal brain where you can search for past notes, ideas or thoughts you may have had and bring them all up, connected, in one space.

Saving notes in MyMind with tagging and collecting ideas.

MyMind uses AI to automatically categorise and tag your notes, even from reading images and web clippings. This means you do not have to manually tag anything to connect any notes, all you have to do is write, save and let MyMind do the rest.

The search function allows you to use different commands and keywords to narrow down your search. For example, you can use a time frame such as 'last week' to find related notes from the past week, or you can use a keyword such as recipes and then maybe a keyword such as lunch or dinner.

3. Versatile and Customisable

MyMind is a very versatile and customisable note tool. You can create notes in a range of formats such as text, images, audio and video, giving you the freedom to capture all your ideas in a way that works best for you.

You might prefer to create a video to explain an idea or show a product, or simply write a load of text to brain-dump your ideas. You can do this in MyMind and then let the app automatically connect your notes together.

You can also personalise MyMind with different colours, fonts and formatting options to create a personalised note-taking experience that feels fun and fits in with your personal aesthetic. We find this helps motivate you to actually want to use the app as well.

4. To-Do Lists

You can also use MyMind to create to-do lists, this is helpful for managing your daily tasks alongside your notes. You can even drag your to-do list into the top of mind section so its the first thing you see when you open the app.

To create a to-do list in MyMind just create a note like you usually would, add in your tasks and click the tick. This then creates a note with little circles you can check off. You can also create a normal larger note, let's call it 'Today' and in here you can create a larger list of tasks to do.

To filter through and check your tasks you can use the search function, either simply search tasks, or whatever you labelled the note. You can also use the tags 'last week' 'today' or other time frames.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

How Much Does MyMind Cost?

mymind has a few pricing options for using their application. First, there is the Student of Life plan which is $5.99 per month, this gives you all the features you need for notes, AI tagging, night mode, advanced search and a few more.

Next, there's the Mastermind plan which is $11.99 per month. You can choose to pay yearly and receive two months for free if you wish. With this plan, you get everything in the Student of Life plan with added Reading Mode and Article Backup.

There's also a Newton plan coming soon for $299 per year.

MyMind Pricing

You can use MyMind for free however you are encouraged to upgrade to a paid plan to get full use of the app. They justify this thanks to their no-ads and secure application with zero tracking.

MyMind prices for using the app for note-taking.

So, if you want to use MyMind you will either have to pay $5.99 per month for the Student of Life plan which includes all note-taking, search functions, AI tagging, image text recognition and more, or upgrade to Mastermind for $11.99 for added extras such as Article Backup.

MyMind Verdict

MyMind is very much in the same category as Milanote - both for a specific set of people, those who like to visually plan and see this to build from.

It is most recommended for those who want a beautiful, premium note-taking experience - with visual notes at the heart, and a policy and mission of freeing your mind.

It's a really great tool to create your own personal search engine with a Pinterest-type feel. The ability to search for anything thanks to automatic tagging makes it so easy to collect your thoughts and ideas in a visual and aesthetic space.

Best Alternatives to MyMind

Interested in a note-taking tool like MyMind? Here are some great alternatives.

  • Mem AI - Mem is another cool AI tool for writing notes and connecting ideas in one space. Mem is a fun tool to use, just like MyMind. You can also organise notes and utilise added AI functions for writing.
  • Napkin - This is another connected thoughts tool. Anything you type inside Napkin will be automatically connected, so when you search for something, all relevant inputs will appear on the screen.
  • xTiles - If you want a more project-based, organised space, then this tool provides a customisable and somewhat aesthetic feel for organising tasks, notes, images and more.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

Is MyMind Like Pinterest?

MyMind looks and feels like your own personal Pinterest account, however, there are no Social Media or advertisements involved in using MyMind. I

t is just a place to collect your thoughts and notes in a visual manner, with a powerful search tool and AI automatic tagging.

How Does MyMind Work for Connecting Notes?

MyMind uses AI to automatically tag and categorise your notes, it even works with images. You don't have to do a single thing other than populate your MyMind space.

MyMind will also create Spaces of likewise notes and content to help you find things more easily, for example, all books will be inside the Book space.

When searching for notes inside MyMind you can use different keywords and tags to narrow down your search, AI brings up results without you ever having to add tags or links to your notes.

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Who developed MyMind?

MyMind is developed and created by designer Tobias van Schneider and a team.

Where is MyMind based?

They are based in both New York City and the Pacific Northwest.

Where can I download MyMind?

There is an iOS, Android, browser extension and macOS app too.