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Explore our wide range of productivity tools with insights, reviews and user reviews from the best productivity reviewers in the space. Over 10 years worth of deep dives and analysis go into the tools listed on Tool Finder — and range a wide range of use cases from note-taking tools, to task management apps, all the way to the best project management software on the market. Our curated lists ensure you find the perfect tool for your specific needs and preferences. Join our community of productivity enthusiasts and take your efficiency to the next level. Discover hidden gems and industry favorites alike, all vetted to help you streamline your workflow and boost your productivity. Check out tools like to see how they can revolutionize your project management approach, and Akiflow to manage team projects and tasks together.

Zapier - App Logo

Zapier is an automation tool that helps you connect tools together with AI and more.

Coda Logo New

Coda is a no-code project management tool for teams to build their own workspace.

Scrivener Logo

Scrivener is a writing application designed for thesis, scripts & book writing.

Newton Mail
Newton Mail Logo

Newton Mail has many features to advance business communications with teams.

Confluence Logo

Centralise information and collaborate with your team in one place with Confluence.

Ochi App Logo

Block websites and apps, set timers and create recurring filters with Ochi

Superthread Logo

Superthread is an all in one space for linking tasks and documents.

Make Automated Workflow App Logo

Zapier alternative Make helps create automations between apps to solve problems.

Posture Pal
Posture Pal Logo

Posture Pal connects with your Airpods to remind you to sit up straight.

Nuclino Logo

Nuclino is a team knowledge base for bringing ideas, thoughts & knowledge together.

Daily Bean
DailyBean App Logo

Daily Bean is a great mood tracking app thats simple and easy to use.

Notejoy Notes App Logo

Experience light note-taking with Notejoy and collaborative easily with your team.

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