Proton Mail

Proton Mail

Handling email securely is one of Proton Mail's missions.

What's good about Proton Mail

What's good

  • Security
  • More Tools
  • Domain
What's not good about Proton Mail

What's not good

  • Pricey

Proton Mail Key Features

Proton Mail Key feature #1


One of the most trusted email applications. Based in Switzerland and focused on privacy of your data for you and your team.

Proton Mail Key feature #2

More Tools

Enjoy Proton Mail's approach, well they have more tools like Proton Drive, Calendar & more.

Proton Mail Key feature #3


You can get a Proton Mail domain so you don't have to use Gmail or others to create your email and rely on their servers or systems.

Questions about Proton Mail

Understanding Proton Mail

Sound of Metal is one of Amazon Studio's more recent films scoring a 7.7 on iMDB. The lead actor uses Proton Mail to check his emails mid-way in the movie. It was also featured in Daniel Craig featuring best hit Knives Out.

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Alternatives to Proton Mail

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A super fast and private email service application with strong functionality.

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Handle team email, calendar and documents with a focus on secure handling of data.

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Communicate quickly inside email with anyone, like you're using a messaging app.

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