Manage your team's ideas, planning and thinking that works well with remote, hybrid and IRL planning. Miro is a popular collaborative whiteboard app.

What's good about Miro

What's good

  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Integration
  • Collaboration
What's not good about Miro

What's not good

  • Higher Pricing

Miro Key Features

Miro Key feature #1

Collaborative Whiteboard App

Allows teams to collaborate visually, creating and organizing ideas using sticky notes, diagrams, mind maps, and more.

Miro Key feature #2


Miro integrates with a wide range of third-party apps and services, such as Trello, Jira, Slack, and Google Drive, allowing teams to work seamlessly across different platforms.

Miro Key feature #3

Extended Functionality

A range of collaboration tools, such as video conferencing, live chat, and comments make it easy for teams to communicate making it a good all-round whiteboard with video chat.

What is Miro?

Miro is a collaborative whiteboard app and platform giving you and your team an online hub for collaboration around projects, tasks and ideas in one base. Miro is one of the longest standing tools in this space offering an ever-growing collection of integrations and functionality that many people have fallen in love with.

Miro is great for hybrid and remote teams for teams in UX design all the way to sales departments for visually tracking items. Miro is a good whiteboard with video chat, allowing teams to reduce the need for meetings and planning things out like they have a whiteboard in front of them. Even in hybrid situations Miro works well.

As one of the longest standing tools out there, Miro now has many competitors. For personal use, an alternative to Miro could be Milanote, whereas, for teams - an alternative to Miro might likely be Mural. Miro presents a solid collaborative whiteboard app

Key Features of Miro

These are some key features of Miro that make is a good collaborative whiteboard app:

  • You can use the collaborative whiteboard feature and templates to create a collaborative space for you and your team to expand on ideas, work on projects and asynchronously work together. This is a space to just unload thoughts or bring them together.
  • Miro has space for creating your own little characters and playing micro-games, this is great for team building and creating relationships within remote teams. Ice breakers inside a collaborative whiteboard app.
  • Use templates to create diagrams, or create your own. The "Miroverse" has heaps of great ways to collaborate using other Miro users set-ups.
  • Connect your existing tools like Zoom or Google Meet to hold meetings inside of Miro.
  • Miro recently introduced some AI features to help users take advantage of the collaborative whiteboard app to save time bringing ideas together and expressing them using prompts to help break that "writers" block type feeling when brainstorming.

These are just some of the many features in short and a flavour.

Miro for Remote & Hybrid Teams?

One thing you might think is, is Miro any good for hybrid or remote collaboration. A genuine question for those who are seeking a expressive base for your team's ideas.

Miro is ideal for remote teams looking to communicate and plan together. The collaborative whiteboard app is a great creative space for ideas to flow, plans to be made and projects to be completed.

  • Use sticky notes to add comments.
  • Use emojis to add some fun.
  • Use anonymous voting and live reactions.
  • Work on your whiteboard anywhere, on any device.

Who is Miro Best Suited For?

Miro is great for remote or hybrid teams.

With Miro you can perform any action you would need to manage a team and work together asynchronously. Miro may take some time to get used to, however, there are tons of tutorials available, and the use of templates will help save time, and get you started.

Alternatives to Miro include Milanote, Mural, ConceptBoard and a few more.

Questions & Answers

Miro: The Collaborative Whiteboard App

Miro used to be called RealtimeBoard and evolved into the white-boarding application. They now are a team based in Amsterdam and San Francisco with remote bases all around the world.

Alternatives to Miro

Other Miro Like Tools

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A place for all-in-one project management, great for smaller teams.

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A creative, simple visual note taking application to plan your thoughts and ideas.

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A free-roaming creativity-based project management app for the visual thinkers.

Apple Freeform featured image

Freeform is a collaborative whiteboard app for your team/friends with FaceTime.

Logseq featured image

Logseq is a networked thought notes app with graph, backlinks & more.

MyMind featured image

If Pinterest and Google Keep had a baby, it would be MyMind for notes and ideas.

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