Apple Journal

Apple Journal

What is Apple Journal?

Apple Journal is a new iOS digital journal app for iPhone users, launched with iOS 17. Journal can be compared to the likes of Day One Journal with its streamlined interface and ease of use.

Apple Journal also has features such as personalised curated suggestions taken from information readily available inside your device, and the ability to add multi-media to your Journal entries.

Created to work alongside existing health and well-being apps available on iOS such as Sleep, Breathe and Fitness. Apple Journal is the next step to improving the lives of its users. Journaling is a proven method to improve well-being, self-development and other areas of life that require individuals to learn some mindfulness.

The Key Features of Apple Journal

These are some of the key features of the Apple Journal.

  • On-device machine learning to create suggestions.
  • End-end encrypted.
  • API for developers.
  • Prompts to write about recent activities or events.
  • Notifications to remind you to write, or use a new daily prompt.
  • Control the suggestions used from your device, for example, turn off settings such as contacts or locations.
  • Mark entries as important so they can be found easier.
  • Quickly add things like music, location, images and more to entries.
  • Reflection prompts to dive deeper into journaling.

Journal Suggestions in Apple Journal

One of the biggest and best features of Apple Journal is its Journal Suggestions. This makes journaling so much easier for beginners and makes it easily accessible to begin writing and reflecting on recent activities.

Apple Journal takes suggestions from images you have taken and links your location, music you have listened to and more to then create a suggestion, prompting you to write about something you have experienced on a holiday or even just a day out.

You will receive notification prompts (if you turn them on) to write about what you have done each day. Within your suggestions, you can also use reflection prompts alongside your normal diary entry, prompts allow you to dive a little deeper and increase your mindfulness when journaling.

Over time you can begin to be more in the moment, present, and then reflect on things later on using the Apple Journal.

Is Apple Journal A Good Choice?

Apple Journal is a good choice for any iOS user. This app will work alongside other well-being apps readily available on an iPhone.

Journaling is always a good choice for anyone to get started with, however, it seems the Apple Journal makes it really easy for anyone to reflect on nice things, photos, places you have been and more.


Apple Journal curates suggestions from photos, music, locations and more so you can easily create journal entries.


Start journaling right away with prompts about recent activities pulled from personalised suggestions and reflective prompts.


Apple Journal is end-end encrypted, you can lock the device, and information is only stored on the device.

Apple Journal: Smart Journal App

Apple Journal: Exploring the smart journal app.

When will Apple Journal be released?

Apple Journal is said to be released in Septemeber along with the new iOS 17 update for iPhone users.

What are Apple Journal Suggestions?

Suggestions are created from things inside your device such as music, images and locations. Journal will then create a prompt for you to write about it.

What if I don't want my Apple Journal to access my device?

You can choose the information Apple Journal takes from your device to create suggestions, for example you can turn off location and music if you wish to leave them out.

What is the privacy and security like?

Apple Journal is end-end encrypted and information is only saved on your device, Apple has not got access to this. You can also lock your journal app.

How can Journaling improve wellness?

The Apple Journal is the next step in improving iPhone user's mindfulness and wellbeing, alongside existing applications. Journaling helps you reflect and learn more about yourself, therefore improving mindfulness over time.

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