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A gamified habit builder application that build new habits and breaks old ones.

Use Stoic to practice meditation, journaling, habit tracking and more.

Daily Bean is a great mood tracking app thats simple and easy to use.

A routine and habit tracking application to create a happier healthier lifestyle.

A guided meditation and sleep app to help bring more calm and wellness into your day.

Use Mural as an addition to your video calls to collaborate and share ideas.

Imagine combining mind mapping with note taking to learn things? Thats Heptabase.

A time tracker app perfect for working from home and managing your time better.

A smart email app using email AI to learn how you work, and writes emails for you.

A business management app, Bonsai helps boost freelance productivity.

Llama Life is an ADHD planner app & to-do app and lightweight extension for tasks.

Score your best streak and manage all your good and bad habits in one place.