SaneBox: Getting to Inbox Zero with 3 Power Features

Getting to Inbox Zero with SaneBox

SaneBox wants to help you master your Inbox by reaching Inbox Zero. Let's explore some of the core features that help you do that inside of SaneBox and how Inbox Zero is bliss when you reach it and how to get started.

This feature is part of an advertorial on SaneBox - during their sponsorships series.

The Bliss of Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero, sometimes regarded as a myth, is something millions try and reach every single day. The goal of having a clear inbox seems impossible to many as they aim to reach it, due the flurry of email items coming in, the requests and work in between.

Here's a few features from SaneBox that can help you keep things clear to increase your chances of Inbox Zero and embracing Merlin Mann's vision in 2023.

1. SaneLater

SaneLater is a concept for any emails that you want to reply to later. This is a folder in your inbox that you can setup and automatically train as you go. Putting emails in SaneBox folder SaneLater helps to say focused on your core inbox and learns from you to better allocated the correct email to your most important inbox, the inbox you reply to daily.

SaneLater Folder, How to Access SaneLater

2. SaneBlackHole

Imagine SaneBlackHole as the pit for emails to go die. SaneBlackHole helps with newsletters (not our Tool Digest) to be sent. Once they land in this folder, SaneBlackHole will store them here, and all future ones - then they will go in the trash after 7 days.

SaneBox, SaneBlackHole Training Folders

This saves time, reduces overflow for unsubscribed emails that might be overloading you.

3. SaneSnooze

If you truly want to handle email and get to the magic Inbox Zero, you cannot live without snooze. Some email clients have it, others done, but SaneBox will build that into your workflow making it perfect for email management.

How to Snooze Emails, Using SaneBox

There's one for tomorrow and next week in an effort to help you handle the floods of emails coming in and better manage your inbox to be a clean environment, and one for Inbox Zero.

Bonus Feature: Deep Clean

Want to get your inbox cleaned? Remove old unwanted files or just to reduce the MBs in your Gmail or inbox, without the insanity of going into every mail item and deleting them?

How to Reduce Storage Limits in Gmail, Using SaneBox

Deep Clean wants to help scan you inbox and then delete your emails, with AI to help you reach a cleaner email state and get your inbox size down, so you don't hit Gmail's storage limits for your email. A great way to get down to Inbox Zero for sure.