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Condense your inbox by removing potential noise and creating email systems that work with SaneBox. This can be used with any email client or provider to optimize email.

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What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is an email management plugin to help clean, manage and filter your inbox.

SaneBox is an email cleaning wizard that lives in the background working with almost any email client or email service making it a handy option that lives underneath the surface.

It makes sure only the most important emails show up in your inbox, pushing the rest into relevant folders for when you're ready to manage them. All you need to do is sign in with your email address and let SaneBox do its magic. Once it's finished, you'll find all important emails organised and ready, the rest will be moved to the SaneLater.

You can also drag emails into SaneLater, and SaneBox will remember the sender and automatically sort future emails, likewise, you can drag emails out of the SaneBox if they are important.

SaneBox: Best Features

Here are some of the best features of SaneBox for organising and decluttering your mail.

1. AI Filtering

SaneBox uses AI filtering to help manage and organise your emails quickly before they even land in your mailbox. Over time SaneBox learns where your emails should be and will automatically move them to different folders to help sort your mailbox and declutter your space. You will have to train SaneBox by moving emails yourself to where you want them to be, and then pretty soon the actions will begin to happen automatically thanks to AI.

AI will also help you identify emails you may want to unsubscribe from, which emails are spam, which emails to snooze or set reminders for and finally, you can see analytics and tracking to better manage AI and your mail.

2. Sane Folders

SaneBox has multiple folders your emails will be sorted into, by using all the different folders you can create an organised and seamless experience for sending and receiving emails. Some of the folders you can use are;

  • SaneBlackHole - You can send all your unwelcome emails to the Black Hole to get rid of this email and make sure you dont receive messages from that sender again.
  • SaneLater - This is a clever folder that moves any unimportant or non-urgent emails to the later folder. Allowing users to focus on important messages until they're ready.
  • SaneReminders - Emails in this folder likely require an action or a follow-up, you will be reminded in 5 days' time to follow up if you haven't already.

SaneBox Cons

Let's dig into areas where SaneBox could be better:

1. Takes Time to Train

Like all good things, there's training that you need to do over time. Once you've mastered this day-by-day, you'll have a really tight SaneBox experience, but it does take time to get to this power.

2. Security

By all means, the majority of users are happy with the experience with SaneBox - but if you're conscious of where and how your emails are stored - explore their privacy policy, we'd say the same about Gmail or other email apps.

SaneBox Pricing

SaneBox has three pricing plans all to suit a variety of needs:

How Much Does SaneBox Cost?

$7 per month for the basic plan with lower pricing plan of $24 per year.

SaneBox has a varied pricing scheme. Starting from $7 per month, there are three pricing models. Snack, lunch and dinner or an appetiser option for $24 per year.

SaneBox Pricing Packages

SaneBox Verdict

SaneBox is reserved for those wanting to get out of the overload of email. It prides itself on a range of features and the ability to install underneath the majority of email clients and services you use.

It's a great choice for anyone who uses multiple email accounts and may have a lot of newsletters or spam messages coming in. It's also great for moving unimportant emails, so if you need to focus on following up and staying on top of important messages, SaneBox is a good idea.

Who is SaneBox Best For?

Who's it best for? Probably those who just want to handle their email better and save time being overloaded. This can be those who love their email client but don't want to move because that email client misses out on abilities regarding email cleaning.

Best SaneBox Alternatives

There are not many apps like SaneBox out there, but some apps do have unsubscribe and email client cleaning within them, here are some to consider:

  • Spark Mail - Includes Smart Inbox for better management and unsubscribe too.
  • Superhuman - Superhuman provides a super fast pace for sending and receiving emails.
  • Missive - Missive creates a more chat-based team communication space.

Remove Distraction

SaneBox works by moving emails into different dedicated folders, leaving the most important messages available.

Multiple Folders

SaneBox uses many folders such as SaneLater and SaneBlackhole. You can move specific emails into these folders to organise your mailbox.

SaneBox AI Filters

AI works by recognising headers and other factors and automatically sorting these emails into dedicated folders.

Is SaneBox Worth It?

SaneBox is worth it for those who do receive a lot of emails. It is hard to organise emails by yourself when you have so many emails going out and coming in.

By using SaneBox you can save time decluttering and organising your space to create more time to focus on important jobs and messages.

Does SaneBox Work With Gmail?

You can use SaneBox in the background with your Gmail account, this means you can continue using your email as you do and SaneBox will organise your emails into the correct folders.

You can also use SaneBox with any email that supports IMAP such as Outlook and Yahoo Mail.

What Does SaneBox Do?

SaneBox works behind the scenes of your existing email accounts to organise your emails into different folders, to remove spam, to unsubscribe from emails and to snooze mail. There are also other features for organisation and management of messages.

What Platforms Does SaneBox Run On?

SaneBox runs in the background of your existing email applications, all you have to do is set up SaneBox and let it do its thing. Over time it will learn where your emails need to go and begin sorting them accordingly.

SaneBox does work with almost any email provider such as; Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo Mail. Since it works through your web browser you can use Sanebox anywhere. There is also a mobile app you can use to manage emails.

How Sanebox works

Understanding Sanebox further

Is Sanebox an email app?

No. Sanebox sits underneath your email app, or client. It can be used with the majority of common clients like Gmail, Outlook etc. The benefit comes in the form of doing backend clearing of emails and management for you.

Is Sanebox worth it?

One of those things, if you find you struggle with email management and your current email tools like Superhuman or Gmail don't offer the complexity you like, consider it, a decent way to handle email better.

Does Sanebox use AI?

Sanebox uses AI and machine learning to sort email in the background, check their privacy policies to see if you're happy with this.

How much is Sanebox?

Sanebox starts from $7 per month right now, but presents a way to cleanse emails that may save you the stress of hiring somebody external to manage your emails.

Can you pause emails with Sanebox?

Yes, you can use something called "@SaneboxDoNotDisturb" that will pause inbox items coming in between scheduled times, essentially hitting pause on your inbox. You can create filters and rules to your customisation needs.

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