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Condense your inbox by removing potential noise and creating email systems that work with SaneBox. This can be used with any email client or provider to optimise email.

What is SaneBox and who's it for?

SaneBox is an email cleaning wizard that lives in the background working with almost any email client or email service making it a handy option that lives underneath the surface.

It makes sure only the most important emails show up in your inbox, pushing the rest into relevant folders for when you're ready to manage them. All you need to do is sign in with your email address and let SaneBox do its magic. Once it's finished, you'll find all important emails organised and ready, the rest will be moved to the SaneLater. You can also drag emails into SaneLater, and SaneBox will remember the sender and automatically sort future emails, likewise, you can drag emails out of the SaneBox if they are important.

Who's it best for? Probably those who just want to handle their email better and save time being overloaded. This can be those who love their email client but don't want to move because that email client misses out on abilities when it comes to email cleaning.

Pros of SaneBox: The Best Bits

Let's explore some of the gems within SaneBox and how they can help:

  • AI Filtering - think of SaneBox as something in the background and the baseline for your emails. As you teach it, it'll learn and apply the same rules going forward - working like a email wizard while you're sleeping away at night.
  • Training Systems - there's multiple folders to get used to, but all in all the folders will help guide you towards a better inbox and the more investment into that, the better.
  • Works Everywhere - do you love your email client? Well SaneBox will likely live underneath it, well most of them, meaning you get the visual appeal of your own app whilst having the power of SaneBox underneath.
  • Packs Features - not many people know but they have a dashboard which helps you manage everything coming in. If you get it, we'd recommend having a window into this as you'll find some helpful features like SaneBlackHole, email pausing and more.

Cons of SaneBox: Missed Opportunities

Let's dig into areas where SaneBox could be better:

  • Takes Time to Train - like all good things, there's training that you need to do over time. Once you've mastered this day-by-day, you'll have a really tight SaneBox experience, but it does take time to truly get to this power.
  • Security - by all means the majority of users are happy with the experience with SaneBox - but if you're conscious of where and how your emails are stored - explore their privacy policy, we'd say the same about Gmail or other email apps.

How much is SaneBox?

SaneBox has a varied pricing scheme. Starting from $7 per month, there's three pricing models. Snack, lunch and dinner or an appetiser option for $24 per year.

Our final verdict on whether to use SaneBox

SaneBox is reserved for those wanting to get out of the overload of email. It prides itself on a range of features and the ability to install underneath the majority of email clients and services you use. Here at Tool Finder, Francesco uses it with Superhuman and Gmail.

⭐️ We rated SaneBox: 7.8

This is great for the time-poor and those who spend 3+ hours on email daily.

SaneBox Alternatives

There's not many apps like SaneBox out there, but some apps do have unsubscribe and email client cleaning within them, here's some to consider:

  • Spark Mail - includes Smart Inbox for better management and unsubscribe too.
  • - internal abilities to better process email more productively.

Remove Distraction

SaneBox works by moving emails into different dedicated folders, leaving the most important messages available.

Multiple Folders

SaneBox uses many folders such as SaneLater and SaneBlackhole. You can move specific emails into these folders to organise your mailbox.

SaneBox AI Filters

AI works by recognising headers and other factors and automatically sorting these emails into dedicated folders.

How Sanebox works

Understanding Sanebox further

Is Sanebox an email app?

No. Sanebox sits underneath your email app, or client. It can be used with the majority of common clients like Gmail, Outlook etc. The benefit comes in the form of doing backend clearing of emails and management for you.

Is Sanebox worth it?

One of those things, if you find you struggle with email management and your current email tools like Superhuman or Gmail don't offer the complexity you like, consider it, a decent way to handle email better.

Does Sanebox use AI?

Sanebox uses AI and machine learning to sort email in the background, check their privacy policies to see if you're happy with this.

How much is Sanebox?

Sanebox starts from $7 per month right now, but presents a way to cleanse emails that may save you the stress of hiring somebody external to manage your emails.

Can you pause emails with Sanebox?

Yes, you can use something called "@SaneboxDoNotDisturb" that will pause inbox items coming in between scheduled times, essentially hitting pause on your inbox. You can create filters and rules to your customisation needs.

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