SaneBox removes distractions from your mailbox to create a productive email system.

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Things we like

Removes Distractions from Inbox

Sorts your email in the background

Works with all email clients

Uses AI filtering systems

Things we don't like

Can be expensive

What we think about the Design of SaneBox?

You never really look at SaneBox, as it lives behind your inbox, but the user interface you use to interact with the training of your emails isn't particularly good to look at. Despite its lackluster appearance, it effectively manages your email experience, ensuring that only the most relevant messages reach your primary inbox, thereby improving productivity and reducing distractions.

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Jun-te Kim

3rd Jul 2024

Deadline Whisperer

Use: 1Y 10 / 10

Keeps me Sane - Amazing Tool

Sanebox allowed my inbox to be a to do list instead of bombardment of newsletters and junk mail. It allowed me to intellectually funnel 2 weeks later reminders down the road to email me later via the inbox as well as funnelling news and other un urgent emails to SaneLater and SaneNews. Absolutely fantastic tool

Mike jnhn profile picture

Mike jnhn

3rd Jul 2024


Use: 2Y 10 / 10

Regained Control and Boosted Productivity with SaneBox

Before I started using SaneBox, my email inbox was a chaotic mess with hundreds of unread messages and constant distractions. Now, thanks to SaneBox, my inbox is organized and manageable, and I only see the emails that truly matter. This tool has saved me at least two hours every week by filtering out unimportant emails and prioritizing what needs......

Taryn Rindahl profile picture

Taryn Rindahl

1st Jul 2024

Deadline Demolisher

Use: 3Y 10 / 10

Overall great app

I wouldn’t say it’s my number 1 email inbox app but I would still recommend it to others. I’m simply stubborn and used to my typical Apple Email app as well as Gmail when I use android. That being said, it’s really simple to use, if there were ever any bugs they seemed to be addressed quickly, and the look is simple yet fun.

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Top Features, Pricing & User Reviews

SaneBox is an intriguing AI email software that can be integrated into your email inbox. SaneBox is a service that many people use to reduce their inbox size.

SaneBox Dashboard - Home

What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is an email management software that plugs into Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, IBM Notes, and anything email-related. The service allows you to reduce the inflow of emails and better manage them into the right folders for processing later. It can be used with email apps like Superhuman and Spark Mail.

How does SaneBox work?

SaneBox is a service, not an email app.

It works by processing the emails in your inbox into relevant folders using AI. SaneBox acts like an email assistant, taking the weight out of your inbox and better managing what goes in and what comes out, all in the background.

Using SaneBox

You will need to train SaneBox in the first few weeks to get it to understand how you like your inbox organized and processed, but once you do, it will work behind the scenes to bring important emails to the right places and sort older, less relevant emails to go through later.

Many, look at SaneBox when their inbox management is too overloaded and overwhelmed. SaneBox works by connecting with your email server so you can use it with any tool like Superhuman, Shortwave & Gmail.

SaneBox Features

Here are some of the best features inside of SaneBox for inbox management:


Helpful for

Email Management

Handles your inbox by organizing emails into folders. This is trained and learned as you use AI tech more.

Reminder Abilities

Emails that you want reminded about can be set up in a folder tagged "SaneReminders" This allows for adding the ability to snooze an email if your email client does not yet have this.

Inbox Deep Clean

Clean all the emails and reduce the storage in your email account using this feature.

SaneBox SaneLater

SaneBox Pros

Let's explore some of the best bits about SaneBox and what it offers:



Easy to install

There's no real installation process. It just connects with your existing email service or provider and then works the magic in the background removing any of the admin associated with downloading and connecting more services.

Training folders

SaneBox begins to filter unimportant emails out of your inbox and into specific folders like SaneLater and SaneBlackHole.

This is as easy to use and simple as dragging emails into the right folders you want to use, perfect for on-the-go training.

No Replies

If your email app can't connect up a follow-up notification, then SaneBox can do this for you. A neat feature that will help you avoid missing out on replying.

Do Not Disturb - SaneBox

SaneBox Cons

Here are some of the negatives we've found from using SaneBox:



Pay per email account

One of the negatives is that you have to pay per email account you use, so connecting multiple inboxes at once will begin to add up in cost if you decide to commit to the SaneBox methodology.

Deemed expensive for many

Some people say that SaneBox isn't for them due to the cost associated.


How much does SaneBox cost?

SaneBox starts from $7 per month with plans ranging from 1-5 email accounts.

SaneBox Pricing Packages

SaneBox Availability

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