Condense your inbox by removing potential noise and creating email systems that work with SaneBox. This can be used with any email client or provider to optimise email.

What's good about SaneBox

What's good

  • Removes Distractions
  • Multiple Folders
  • AI Filters
What's not good about SaneBox

What's not good

  • Pricey for Some

SaneBox Key Features

SaneBox Key feature #1

Remove Distraction

SaneBox works by moving emails into different dedicated folders, leaving the most important messages available.

SaneBox Key feature #2

Multiple Folders

SaneBox uses many folders such as SaneLater and SaneBlackhole. You can move specific emails into these folders to organise your mailbox.

SaneBox Key feature #3

SaneBox AI Filters

AI works by recognising headers and other factors and automatically sorting these emails into dedicated folders.

What is SaneBox?

SaneBox is an email cleaning wizard works with tools like Gmail and more.

It makes sure only the most important emails show up in your inbox, pushing the rest into relevant folders for when you're ready to manage them.

All you need to do is sign in with your email address and let SaneBox do its magic.

Once it's finished, you'll find all important emails organised and ready, the rest will be moved to the SaneLater.

You can also drag emails into SaneLater, and SaneBox will remember the sender and automatically sort future emails, likewise, you can drag emails out of the SaneBox if they are important.

More Unique SaneBox Features

These are some key features of Sanebox:

  • AI filters out important emails automatically!
  • Organise emails into different folders, SaneLater, SaneNews, SaneCC…
  • For emails you do not want, send them to the SaneBlackHole! Aka the trash.
  • No more distractions! Move emails to SaneNext week or SaneTomorrow to avoid being distracted. You can also set do not disturb and set reminders for when you need them.

Additional Information

Sanebox offers customizable folders as part of its email management features. These folders are automatically created based on user behaviour and preferences and can be used to further organize and prioritize emails.

For example, Sanebox may create a "SaneLater" folder for less important emails that can be reviewed at a later time, or a "SaneNews" folder for newsletters and other subscription-based emails. Users can also create their own custom folders and filters based on their specific needs and preferences.

Additionally, they have a companion tool for iOS.

Who's SaneBox Suited For?

SaneBox is best suited for those dealing with a ton of emails, maybe within a team or even for personal use.

It saves a lot of time having your emails automatically sent to dedicated folders, and it also improves focus and productivity, so if you're someone looking to get more done and decrease email stress, SaneBox could be worth a try.

How Sanebox works

Understanding Sanebox further

No. Sanebox sits underneath your email app, or client. It can be used with the majority of common clients like Gmail, Outlook etc. The benefit comes in the form of doing backend clearing of emails and management for you.

Sanebox lives inside your email client

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