Productivity Apps: Setups

A consultant, a dentist, or a stay at home mom. Let's explore the many setups from productive individuals and what productivity tools they use on a daily basis. Uncover why they use them, how they use them and what they use for managing their productive workloads. All of these experts have been handpicked by us to explore the tools they use to get things done day-to-day, from their to-do list apps to their email clients and all the tools that save them time getting things done across their hectic workdays.

Productivity Setups

Unlocking More Setups

Why read productivity setups?

Productivity setups are a great way to get insights into how people use productivity tools day to day, one of the most popular ones has been insights into how Jules Acree uses Notion, Arc Browser and more.

How can I get on productivity setups?

Productivity setups is invite-only right now.

How do I be productive with my setup?

Productivity setups aren't about how many apps you have, it is about how you use them and how you master them for day to day use. Tools like Things 3 are minimal and help organize your tasks, you might use this and be productive instead of multiple tools.