Simon's Productive Toolkit: His Productivity Essentials

Simon from Better Creating - Productivity Apps

Simon from Better Creating manages not only tutorials and pieces on Notion and productivity tools, but also a freelancer role in theatres.

This is how he remains productive with tools and how he gets things done in a day.

How Simon Uses Notion

Currently, Simon runs his system off of Notion Life OS - his own personal template for managing and collaborating with others. This is his personal workflow for managing Notion.

The general system uses Second Brain as a concept and philosophy for managing tasks, notes, projects, knowledge and more.

What Simon Thinks of Microsoft Loop

Simon is a Microsoft Loop creator meaning he has early access to Microsoft Loop.

He has been playing with Microsoft Loop for the Loop Components experience and finds it an interesting effort towards battling Notion. He likes how components is a flexible way to collaborate with others, his eye is keening on this.

However, as a base for file management, Simon uses and manages his collaborators using Dropbox, but keeping a close eye on whether Dropbox could be replaced we're sure.

Productivity AI In His Workflow

Simon uses a range of AI across his workday now.

Since the introduction of OpenAI and ChatGPT, with Midjourney too - he's weaved that tool into his routine for managing creative ideas and saving on small admin based tasks. Simon talks about how he uses productivity AI to get things done by using steps and prompting "do you understand?" to help him get through the day with fact-checking needed.

He also uses Notion AI within his routine for managing his content schedule.

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