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How Tom from Byte Review Uses Productivity Apps

Tom from Byte Review has been surrounded by iPad productivity tools for a long time, let's begin to explore what productivity tools and uses and why, from someone who takes advantage of the power of the iPad for on-the-go workloads.

All Tom's Favourite Productivity Tools

Tom talks about an array of applications for work including apps like Final Cut Pro, Lightroom and Logic for managing productivity and flows with creating videos. However, we're here to zoom into the traditional productivity tools and why Tom uses them.

Microsoft To-Do: List Management

Once, Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do offers a clean way to add tasks, with light sharing abilities. Tom uses this mainly to add tasks and track a burner list. This is a great technique as he side-loads his task management, so his main task list isn't overwhelmed.

Tom Byte Review using Microsoft To-Do on iPad

Dragging tasks into his list when they matter, not to overload what he has to focus on.

Notion: Creativity Project Brain

Tom swears by Notion for planning all his YouTube and creative work all inside Notion. This base allows him, not to take notes, but plot, plan and organize any project he has.

How Tom uses Notion for iPad to plan

As Tom explains well, he understands Notion is an open-canvas to many people, so it can be quite overwhelming when you enter it, we recommend these courses to learn Notion.

GoodNotes: iPad Note-Taking

GoodNotes is one of the most popular iPad note-taking apps alongside Notability, but Tom uses this to take notes, sketch creative ideas and visualise things alongside Pinterest too.

Using GoodNotes on iPad, Byte Review

He constantly refers to GoodNotes as his best note-taking app on iPad.

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Uncover why he uses all the creative tools he uses daily and for work.

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