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Detailed Review of Arc Browser: Best Features, Pricing & More

Arc Browser is an upgraded internet browser that offers a more custom way to use the web, with bolt-ons and extensions that can go beyond many Google Chrome offerings.

Managing Tabs in Arc Browser

What is Arc Browser?

Arc Browser is essentially an internet browser with a little bit more juice. Like Google Chrome, Arc Browser is designed to allow you to browse the web with a bit more customisation and a few productivity tricks.

With Chrome you can search for things, and save pages and all that jazz, however, Arc wants to be more like an operating system, where you can use different tools to fulfil a range of needs, rather than just a browser to search URLs and install plugins.

With Arc, you can organise to your heart's content. This browser doesn't have the traditional row of open tabs along the top. Arc uses a sidebar instead. Within this sidebar, you can organise everything you could possibly think of using different ‘tabs’.

It’s colourful, it’s different, and it takes a lot of getting used to. Arc Browser actually is built and run using the Chromium engine.

Who is Arc Browser For?

Arc Browser is for anyone who wants to create a different and more in-depth internet browsing experience. Maybe you're someone who saves a lot of pages to read or likes to collect little parts of the internet into folders to help with study, learning or your own personal projects.

It's also great for those who spend a lot of time inside their browser with tons of tabs open trying to multitask their work.

Arc Browser does take some getting used to, so if you want a quick and easy browsing experience just to search for things on Google, you might find this tool a bit overwhelming.

Best Features of Arc Browser

What's inside Arc Browser for managing your browser:

1. Spaces

Spaces inside Arc Browser are smaller browsing sections you can create and save to switch between depending on what you are doing. For example, you can create a Personal space will all your pinned and unpinned tabs related to your personal life in one space, and you can create a Work space for all work-related tabs and saved pages.

Each space you create can be customised with themes and icons to make the experience more fun and to differentiate between the spaces you are in.

Overall, Spaces allows users to multi-task and switch between spaces to fulfil different needs. It also feels so easy to do since theyre right there in the sidebar.

2. Boost Gallery

The Boost Gallery is a place for users to share how they have customised and edited existing websites to suit their own aesthetic, and just for fun. Boosts are just where users can change things like colours, fonts, themes and much more to remix websites.

For example, if you are bored of looking through a website to learn how to knit, you could edit the website to make it look and feel more appealing with colours, fonts, and a different layout.

You can then share this remix in the Boost Gallery so other people can enjoy the use of this customised website.

3. Privacy Promise

Arc Browser has a very strong privacy promise and wants to make sure its users know their data is safe with them. In fact, they don't even read, use or sell your data for themselves or third parties.

You can use Arc Browser with confidence knowing your search history and information are not being saved or sent to anyone else, meaning no incoming spam, potential website threats or password leaks. Hopefully.

You can read more about the Arc Browser privacy policy here to check it out for yourself.

4. Pinned & Today Space

Another cool feature of Arc Browser is that all your pinned websites will always stay open. This means you can pin the websites you use every single day and whenever you enter that specific space, you'll already have your workspace and browsing set up.

Another great thing with tabs is that everything you have used that day will be saved into the Today space. From here you can look back through what you have done that day, and potentially save any websites you want to remember for tomorrow.

Extended features of Arc Browser include:

  • The command bar allows you to open up a search wherever you are to locate whatever you're looking for.
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts you can learn to make your time using Arc quicker and smoother.
  • Boosts are like extensions you can create yourself, from scratch. You may want to use a boost to enhance a webpage you are looking at.

Arc Browser Pricing

Arc Browser is completely free to use. No subscriptions, upgrades or anything else you need to pay for.

How Much Does Arc Browser Cost?

Arc Browser is free for the public to use as a replacement for Google Chrome to better manage their tabs, spaces and pinned pages.

Final Verdict on Arc Browser

Arc Browser seems to have a lot of elements that will definitely take a lot of getting used to. It is a dream for those who want to fully customise their experience browsing, who want a full-screen way to use the web and manage their web experience, without privacy issues.

The team at The Browser Company are developing Arc Browser to be a personalised way to experience the internet. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple, maybe stick with Google Chrome, but if not, Arc Browser could be a neat bet.

Best Alternatives to Arc Browser

There aren't many tools like Arc Browser, so its biggest alternative is Google Chrome, a browser we have all probably used and loved, Arc Browser runs very similarly thanks to both of them being run on the Chromium engine.


Arc Browser has a sidebar function where you can store and organise everything you want at hand, without having to keep tons of tabs open.


Arc Browser offers a user-friendly experience, you can create a workspace that works for your individual needs, and the software is an enjoyable experience.

Arc Boosts

You can create an experience that works specifically to suit your needs with Arc Browser, this includes 'Spaces', a place for categories, tabs and organisation.

Explore Arc Browser Further

What is Arc Browser?

Is Arc Browser Easy to Use?

Yes and no. Arc Browser will be need some time to get used to. Unlike Google Chrome it has a full-screen window, boosts and different ways to access links, saved pins and bookmarks. In general, after a week of using Arc it becomes a lot more personalised.

How to Get Arc Browser?

Arc Browser is currently waitlist and requires an invite from others. The Browser Company behind Arc Browser expects to launch in mid-2023.

How to Use Arc Browser?

Start by downloading Arc Browser and following the guide. The guide will help show you how to use full-screen, bookmarks, tabs and also using boost gallery too. All helpful for customising Arc Browser.

When Will Arc Browser be released for Windows?

The date is yet to be released.

Arc Browser Altervatives

There are some alternatives to Arc Browser like SigmaOS browser that competes by building a Google Chrome customised experience for browsing the internet.

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