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Arc Browser is an internet browser with cleaner design, tabs & new AI features too.

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Arc Browser is one of the more recent introductions to the browsing application space, and it’s taking on Google Chrome as an interesting option. But does it live up to the obsession, and is it worth the hype switching to?

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What is Arc Browser?

Arc Browser is a Chromium browser with a clean design, boost abilities & AI features.

Dozens of apps. One subscription. Only $9.99.

With a single monthly subscription at $9.99, you get 240+ apps for your Mac.

What does Arc Browser do?

Arc Browser is a browser experience that can be accessed through Windows and Mac as a way to browse the internet in a much cleaner user interface.

This launch has become very popular among many professionals, who use it as a better alternative to Google Chrome. It has a combination of customizations, keyboard shortcuts, and better ways to navigate the web using tabs and spaces, which allows you to coordinate your space on the web a little bit better.

Google Chrome has been one of those applications that has ruled the browsing space for many years, so this browser wants to try and take that on by creating a better browsing experience. It does that by making a clean and calm layout that utilizes the entire real estate of the screen and allows you to access the tabs on the left-hand side. It also has an AI experience that can be added to your account and an iOS application called Arc Search, which allows you to browse the web.

But how does it compare, and what are some of the best features inside of Arc Browser?

Dozens of apps. One subscription. Only $9.99.

With a single monthly subscription at $9.99, you get 240+ apps for your Mac.

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