Obsidian Wizard Nick Milo Shares His Productivity Stack

Nick Milo

Nick Milo created Linking Your Thinking once he experienced the stress of losing notes and control of his own thoughts inside Evernote. He wanted to gain back control to make sense of his thoughts, connect ideas and action them into his daily life to progress.

Linking Your Thinking holds a workshop to help others create a knowledge system to optimise their notes, thoughts and ideas to transfer them into real life.

Let's explore Nick Milos's productivity tools and why he uses them.

Knowledge and Creativity

Let's start with some of the tools Nick uses for personal knowledge management.

Obsidian: Note Taking Wonders

"Obsidian, because I supercharge my thinking and creative efforts when I use it."

Nick Milo moved over to Obsidian after losing control of his notes and ideas inside Evernote. He now teaches others how to move over from Evernote to Obsidian to optimise their note-taking to make actual changes in their daily life.

Things 3: Task Management Minimalism

"Light user, simple, good for quick capture, and to put those someday/maybe things."

Nick uses Things to capture those quick thoughts that might not need actioning right away but are good to keep stored for a later date, or just to have them written down. As another step of the process for personal knowledge management, you don't have to capture everything, but if you feel like it's important, it probably is.

Apple Keynote

"Extremely underrated for communicating complex ideas, I use and improve animations before every workshop."

Nick uses Apple Keynote to create presentations for communicating and sharing his ideas with others. Apple Keynote allows you to make creative presentations with animations to engage your audience better and make things more interesting.


"For quick capture on both desktop and mobile."

Drafts is a simple tool for quickly capturing notes and ideas. Nick uses drafts on both his mobile and desktop to always have a space for jotting down those instant thoughts and ideas. From here you can organise these notes into their appropriate places.

Tools Nick Milo Uses For Teams

Here are a couple of tools Nick uses for its team abilities.

ClickUp: Project Management Base

"For team project management, with a core team that expands like an amoeba for cohorts, this keeps us on the same page. Currently a bit slow, but so valuable for team alignment and clarity that it's more than bearable."

ClickUp is great for keeping teams on the same page, Nick uses ClickUp for team alignment and clarity to reduce the need for questions, stress or the unknown.

Google Drive

"For team knowledge base - with multiple people, using the lowest common denominator is best."

Nick uses Google Drive as a great team knowledge base. You can add documents to Google Drive and give access to specific members of your team. This is helpful for keeping everyone in the loop, and having a base for your team to look back on.

Tools Nick Milo Uses For Other Productivity

Finally, here are two more tools Nick uses to extend his productivity and management.

"Fantastical, it works well enough."

Well, there we have it. Fantastical is a simple and easy-to-use calendar, perfect for managing your time using time blocking, scheduling events and overall management of what's going on with who and where.


Mimestream: Email Management Haven

"A nice app to get the benefits of Gmail without having to see it in my internet browser."

Mimestream is an email service application made for Mac and optimised for Gmail. It's a simple, sleek email tool with a very plain and non-distracting interface. It uses Gmail API making it a fast email application perfect for quickly communicating with teams.

Theres tons more helpful videos on Linking for Thinking to better manage and store your notes, thoughts and ideas. Be sure to check out Nick Milos's website and Youtube Channel for more.