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Is there future in note-taking tools? Will AI have an impact on my work with productivity tools. Opinions and speculation help guide us in an uncertain world. Our opinion section here on Tool Finder, curated by Francesco D'Alessio, explores topics of productivity software and the future of work. All these topics help us to dig deeper into what is possible and what isn't, but from a perspective of someone who explore all these productivity tools and work resources everyday. With over 10 years experience exploring these tools day in and day out, Francesco D'Alessio will share his insights into what's next for the future of productivity tools and software.

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Who writes the productivity opinion page on Tool Finder?

Francesco D'Alessio curates the opinion page on Tool Finder. He is one of the leading productivity tool reviewers and has been making lists for over 10 years on Tool Finder and Keep Productive.

Why do we have a productivity opinion section?

Giving insights into the future of productivity software can help to expand the insights on your choices of productivity tool when picking them.

Do you recommend productivity apps in opinion?

From time to time, we recommend productivity tools and resources, but only when it relates to a trend or reach. Like for example, recently we covered AFFiNE Pro - whilst we don't recommend without research, we explored the role of documents & whiteboards.